Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rainbow Honey and Equestria!

Okay I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Nail Polish, I mean I only have 131 bottles, but something in my brain says that I need more. Lots more.

It probably doesn't help that one of my favorite blogs Nails In Nippon blogs about nail polish and she swatches the most beautiful colors. But usually it's something I own, or I own something similar and I don't really decide that OMG I kinda need that right now. Until her post on Rainbow Honey. Somehow I didn't know indie nail polish was a thing, and why I didn't I'll just attribute to me living under a rock, or something like that.

 But I digress, it is a thing, and it is amazing. After reading the blog post, which is about polishes that aren't yet for sale, specifically from the Sweet Talk collection, I wandered over to the Rainbow Honey website to see what she had for sale currently and that's when I discovered the Equestria Collection, and kinda died a bit. Then I sat down with my son and guessed by the names of the polishes which ponies they went with.

Then I decided as soon as I can I must buy the full Equestria Collection. Which comes in two sizes Full size 15 ml for $10 each or $80 for the set or half size 7ml for $5 each or $40 for the set. I'll probably be investing in the 7ml sizes, because I have so much polish. I actually really love that she sells them that way because it looks like she does all of the colors that way, and sometimes you just don't need a full size bottle. Most of the time I don't need a full size bottle, but if there was a particular color that ends up being my favorite I would probably invest in a full size.

I promise I'll do a review as soon as I pick the colors up!

Side note: I was wearing Lancôme's Noir Caviar with Orly's Shine on Crazy Diamond until recently and later tonight I'll be painting them with Deborah Lippmann's Putty in your hands and OPI's I Lily Love You, because I saw the dress Lea Michelle wore to the PCA's and I think if I use that combo it'll look like her dress-ish