Friday, January 18, 2013

Recent Nail Changes, and rambles

I've changed my nails twice since I last mentioned it. I told you guys I'm lazy.

First I put one coat of OPI's Teenage Dream over Deborah Lippmann's My Prerogative.

Which honestly came out kinda weird. I think it might be because teenage dream is old and I haven't worn it since my birthday last year so I think I need to use some of my nail lacquer thinner in it. It was weird because it was sort of edged with the blue, and ended up looking bright and glittery and dark and vampy at the same time. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it, but I ended up picking it off my nails last night while watching What Not To Wear.

Currently I have China Glazes Flirty Tankini on my nails, which is a pretty neon-ish coral.
But because I painted them in the middle of the day, which I never do because of this reason, they're all messed up, and it makes me annoyed. Like I have one nail that needs to just be repainted entirely and it's enough to make me want to take it off. Nothing against the color though. Then I kinda thought about skittle-ing it, and painting that nail a different color and then as they chip painting each nail a different color.

I think I'm having such indecisive-ness because I haven't bought any new polish in a while. I'm kinda on a spending ban, trying to save up for things, and pay bills so I haven't been able to buy anything. I haven't even gotten to pick up the Lancôme stuff I wanted to get.

But speaking of the Lancôme stuff, the blush is like $50 and I was thinking about the Urban Decay Naked Flush set instead, because its only about $30 and I know, but I have a hard time paying more than $30 for my foundation, and my skin are is crazy expensive so I dunno.

I have been looking at OCC nail polishes on Sephora and I think I want to order a couple of those because they're only $10 and Nails Inc (also on Sephora) because they're $9.50 and the colors are super pretty, and the names. I really want Anime from OCC

I'm gonna go fix that messed up nail now, and if you want to see the colors I've worn then go check out the polishes I've worn board on my Pinterest. I didn't re add in my prerogative because I was wearing that at the beginning of the year and I don't think I'm gonna repost repeats in the board, but I will tell you about them here.