Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

I don't know about you, Readers, but I am very excited for Valentines Day. Now I'm not one of those girls that didn't used to be but then I got a boyfriend, girlfriend, beard or what have you, I've always loved Valentines Day and it's pink and red and glitter, heart shaped, wrapped in parcel paper tied with string and lace doilies -ness.

As I've said in my last few posts I love, love. Now if you haven't been clicking that link in each of my posts it leads to Inches and Falling by the Format which is one of my all time favorite songs, so go give that a listen.

A big part of Valentines day is wondering what to get your loved one, I did a post on that last year, so of course I'm going to do one for this year.

Consider this a cross between a gift guide and a wishlist post. I have a variety of things I'm interested in this year so it'll be spanning that.

I like cozy things so I think either one of these Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumpers would be perfect. First is their now iconic Sparkle Heart, or there's the You've Met Your Match, which I think is just adorable and just perfect if you're a more established couple. The Sparkle Heart Jumper does tend to loose it's sparkles, which is another reason I love the You've Met Your Match one, no glitter means no shedding.

Also on the cozy front is this Arctic Pop Windcheater from Superdry. It's still winter where I live, so a snuggly coat, accompanied by a romantic walk through the park, or maybe a hike if your sportier than I am sounds like an adorable gift to me. I love that this one is pink and black, but if pink's not her color don't worry, Superdry has their windcheaters in multiple colors.

Also on the warm, dry and cozy front a pair of Hunter Rainboots with wellie socks are always a lovely gift, because as you know I'm completely obsessed with them. Hunter's come in a multitude of colors and styles but the ones I'm currently in love with are the Original Short Gloss Rain Boot in Pillar Box Red

If you're looking for a more classic gift than I think Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf is a lovely luxurious gift. It smells amazing and I haven't met many people that don't love it. It's even mentioned in If My Heart Was A House by Owl City.

Or if your looking for an equally lovely perfume that isn't as costly Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck (which I have and adore) or her newest Enchanted Wonderstruck, both are lovely and more reasonable priced.

For your more fashion loving bookworm there's My Favorite Dress by Gity Monsef, Samantha Erin Safer, Robert De Niet, which is a pretty coffee table book about the emotional attachement to dresses women have.

If she's a big tea or coffee drinker then a tin of her favorite blend and a nice mug from Anthropologie are a great personal but inexpensive gift. 

If you haven't been dating long, or are looking for something to go with the classic chocolate and flowers then gift cards are great. If you don't know where she normally shops, some good general ones are Itunes, Amazon, Zappos or Barnes and Noble.

Well that's all the ideas I have for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with a for him guide after talking to my husband for some more ideas.