Friday, January 11, 2013

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him

I promised a gift guide for him for the upcoming Valentines Day. I had a bit of input from my husband on this one.

First up if you've got a bit of cash you can spend and he didn't get one for Christmas an iPad is a pretty sweet gift. They can be a bit pricey though so on the less expensive end of the spectrum I recommend a Nook HD or a Kindle Fire. 

If he's already got one or he's one of those rare technophobes then you could go with the always classic guy gift a book. Which book you buy depends on what he's into though. A big seller right now would be The Hobbit, because it's out in Theaters and since it's in 3 parts he might be a bit impatient to see how it ends. If he's a big reader though he's probably already read it though, so you could go with something off the best seller list, or a humorous book such as the Ask a Ninja book or  the Monster Hunter's Handbook.  Those last two are iffy and not very romantic.

A more romantic gift would be a cologne, and I'm definitely recommending Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf. It's the companion fragrance to Flowerbomb, and like Flowerbomb it smells absolutely amazing.  If he's not into Spicebomb, then I recommend Burberry Brit for Men, it's another personal favorite of mine and if you haven't then I recommend you go smell it, immediately.

Tickets to a future show it a pretty sweet gift, or if you're the sort of couple that prefers nights in, then I suggest a "Movie Night In" kit complete with a snuggly blanket, popcorn, and a movie, my husband recommends Kill Bill, but my favorite Tarantino movie is Pulp Fiction.

A skincare set is always nice and you can go for the Core Collection from Jack Black or a classic brush shaving kit from The Art Of Shaving. You may think he wouldn't use it or he's already settled into a routine, but you'd be surprised how many men are willing to try something new, and better shaving cream really does make a difference. I bought my husband the Surpreme Clean Shaving Cream in the Jet Set Traveler Kit from Jack Black a while a go and a tube lasts him nearly a year and he says he prefers it to drugstore shaving creams "by far, it's a whole other level".

If you're looking for something simpler, or you haven't been dating long a nice sweater, or quirky tee from his favorite brand is a good idea because he'll think of you every time he pulls it on, and whenever someone asks him where he got it. ThinkGeek has some great quirky tees and if you're looking for a good sweater I'd hit up Macy's or Nordstrom.

Or you can follow the old proverb "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and give him an IOU to take him out to his favorite place on you, or if you're handy in the kitchen you could whip up his favorite meal or dessert for him.

Finally if you're short on cash or none of these ideas are hitting the spot an Itunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or ThinkGeek gift card is a great option. It lets him know that you're thinking of him, but wanted to make sure he could get exactly what he wanted, or if you know for certain he really wanted the new "so and so" album then you can mention that in a note on the Itunes or Amazon card to let him know this wasn't just a last ditch effort gift. Awhile ago I bought my husband a Barnes and Noble Gift Card so he could pick out his own nook case because I just couldn't decide.

Bonus Note this is my 100th blog post and I'm quite proud of myself for keeping up with it. For awhile I was really bad about posting consistently but I think Blogmas cured me of that. Now if I go more than 4 days without posting I feel like I'm being neglectful.