Friday, February 8, 2013

Ashley Tisdale Inspired OOTD

This maybe one of my favorite outfits I've ever put together. I love Ashley Tisdale's street style. I haven't loved too much that she's played in, but her style I adore.

This is based on this outfit that she wore. 
Ashley Tisdale inspired

Since her heart sweater is nt only out of stock but also outrageously priced I went with this one from River Island. Which is sold out, but Heart sweaters are pretty in right now so you could probably find one from Forever 21 or H&M.

She's wearing wet look leggings or something like that. I couldn't find the exact ones she was wearing, so I went with these from Topshop. They're the side panel wet look leggings

For boots I went with the black version of the nude Sam Edelman boots I was I love with. I was hoping to find either color on sale, but it looks like that wont be happening. 

I'm not usually all that into handbags, to be honest though, I'm a bit obsessed with this one. It's from a site I've never heard of GoFavor, but isn't it gorgeous? And it comes in blue, which I personally think is even better. 

Which brings us to the sunnies. Ashley's wearing large cat eyeglasses with her outfit and honestly I'm obsessed with that style of sunglasses and am definitely looking to pick up a pair for this summer. These are from but they're sold out. However I prefer the rodeo sunglasses from stylemint which are also old out but I've wait listed myself.

I think this outfit is adorable and while some of you may think heart sweaters are only suitable for Valentines day, personally I'd wear this to its death.