Saturday, February 2, 2013

I've got the Mean Reds

I've got a nasty case of the Mean Reds, and a budget that can't afford a trip to Tiffany's to cure it. Since having many many drinks isn't  an option either, I've had to come up with a better and less expensive solution.

Usually when I'm struck by the Mean Reds or the Blues, or the Green Eyed Monster or whatever other color that may effect my mood in a sour way, I go shopping. Nothing so extravagant as Tiffany's, but it may as well be. The last time I was struck with the mean reds I spent $100 at Gilly Hicks. Not so terrible really since I bought things I love and I needed, but I'm not always that lucky. Sometimes I spend far to much money and either get things I love but don't get much use out of, or I buy things that I don't love at all.

This time I think I can get away with a smaller purchase but one that will ultimately feel more decadent, and indulgent. A small purchase that's bright and colorful will be much better at cheering me up. A lovely pink lipstick or nail varnish from somewhere highend will be a much better way to spend my money.

I may not love a dress or top I buy a few weeks later, but I've always liked a lipstick or nail polish I've bought the next day, no matter what mood I was in when I bought it. While Chanel makeup is still expensive it's much less so than a dress from Topshop that in reality once out of the store is much to short for me to comfortably wear in public and now must be returned ( it's happened!). I'm well aware that Chanel can get quite expensive in their makeup line, but the lipsticks and nail varnishes are reasonably priced and luckily I don't suffer from the Mean Reds or Blues or what have yous all that often.

It doesn't always have to be as fancy as Chanel, Lancôme, or YSL. Sometimes MAC, Inglot or OCC will suffice, it's only a matter of it being cheerful and lovely. This time I do have my heart set on a fancy polish, but next time a lippie might be in order. I'm really a makeup girl at heart, and with my iPad case reminding me daily to live colorfully, I think this is a much better solution. I really do feel much better with a bit of Lipstick and a bright color on my nails.

If you haven't guessed already I am quite upset about something, so I decided to spend the night watching Audrey Hepburn films, blogging and "shopping". I haven't bought anything yet, but I have picked what I want, and I feel much better putting my money towards this rather than what I had planned to spend it on. Having decided that I'm feeling much better already.