Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last Minute Gift Guide

Sometimes things sneak up on you, Valentines Day is one week away, have you gotten a present for your sweetie yet? If not its cool, I have plenty of ideas for you.

First of all if you can't get to the store then your best friend is speedy shipping. If you've got Amazon Prime which is free two day shipping, or Zappos VIP which is free one day shipping then you've got it made. You can just order your sweeties gift and call it a day. However, if you don't have either of those services then you need to come up with something else.

If you completely blanked on the day and didn't make a reservation for anywhere then I recommend your own version of a fancy dinner. Set up a picnic in your living room. Whether you make the simplest of finger foods or you're talented in the kitchen doesn't matter. What does matter is the effort you put into the ambiance. Lay a nice fresh from the dryer throw blanket out toss on some throw pillows and light the room with frameless candles. I'd add in one scented actual candle in your loves favorite scent. If you're stopping here then for the present you could add in either a gift basket of their favorite treats, or a gift certificate out to dinner together.

You could easily do the above date as is, or if you share a love of music, then play your favorite music and for the gift, a gift certificate for your favorite music shop or iTunes would be sweet. But if you go the gift card route then you need to go one step up, and also add a note saying you'll make a day of it together.

If you're huge movie fans then picking up a new movie you've wanted to see or an old favorite the two of you know line by line is perfect. It doesn't have to be romantic, the TV universe's coolest couple, Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother, watch Predator every Valentines Day. If you choose a new movie then wrap it up and give it to them as the gift at the beginning of the night. If its an old favorite, then they probably own it, so that won't work unless its a special edition. In that case a movie shopping date or Theater gift certificate that covers both of you is especially sweet.

If you've made reservations then skip all of the above and go straight to the gift certificate bit. A gift certificate will work for whatever your love is into. A Sephora card for the makeup obsessed, Michael's if they're an artiste. If they're into fixing up their car then a gift card to Advance Auto, if they're the sort of person whose house is covered in books the Barnes and Noble or even better their favorite indie shop or if you know they're saving for something specific then you can give then a gift card to save for that. The most important thing to making the gift card work is a promise of your time to go with. That way it's less "Hey I forgot" and more " I want to spend more time with you".

Valentines Day is for showing your love you care, and taking the time to show them that. Whether your plans are low key, or crazy extravagant doesn't matter, all that matters is finding a way to be together.

Since we're planning on all out celebrating Valentines at a later date so we dont have to deal with prix fixe menus and crowds, I'm hoping to spend my night curled up on the couch with candy watching Perks Of Being A Wallflower with my husband. ( Hint, hint: it comes out on the 12th, honey).