Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sephora Haul or Spring Is Coming

I went to my favorite Sephora recently, and since my favorite guy, Maxwell, was working, he convinced me to spend a lot of money.

Actually, I didn't just go in and spend a lot of money without reason, I was in for several things that I needed to get and only really bought two things I didn't need.

First I picked up Dr. Jart+ Black Label BB Cream.


I was running low on Foundation, and since spring and summer are coming up I wanted something lighter. Plus since the Black Label BB Cream is for blemishes it seemed like a good idea. I had a sample of this, and I love it so far. I'll do a full review when I've been using it longer.

Then because as I've mentioned a few times, I've been out of blush for a while so I finally bought one. I know I mentioned maybe Inglot or Lancôme, but I ended up going for Nars. I've never bought anything from Nars before, but I have played with their products.

I totally blame my guy, but I go see him for a reason, and that's because he's good. I told him I wanted something good for spring, he recommended Deep Throat, and then tested it out on me. I of course adored it, so it came home with me.


Then because my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is a bit much for me to use twice a day with the stuff my dermatologist prescribed, I decided to pick up the Caudalie Gentle Cleanser, and the cleansing water.

 I've gone through 2 travel size bottles of Caudalie's Cleansing Water before, and I love it. I love the way it smells and I've never had any issues when I've used it to take off my makeup because I was too lazy to go through my full scrub routine. I've also used a few of their other products before thanks to a 500 point perk set Sephora had a few months ago, and I adored all of that as well. Bonus note: my husband loves their lip conditioner and completely swiped my tube of it. So with that in mind I'm really excited to try the Gentle Cleanser.

Then because I needed another nail polish so desperately, I bought one from Nails Inc. it's a purple duo chrome called Cheyne Walk and I love it.

Then finally I picked up what has become my favorite of all my purchases. A YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Cool Guava. It's so gorgeous. I love everything about this lip color. The packaging is just so Luxe, it feels amazing and looks absolutely beautiful.

Oh, and the color is just gorgeous.

I had swatched at least 5 of the YSL colors and was torn between this one and Succulent Pomegranate, so I asked my husband to be the tie breaker, since he has to kiss me, and this is the one he liked best. I'm glad he picked this one because its so lovely, but I'm certain I want the other one too. I feel like the brighter one will be great for summer, and I adore that they're sheer.

Note: How gorgeous are these pictures? My husband is seriously an amazing photographer. The YSL lip color pictures are my favorites. So gorgeous.

I'm so in love with everything I bought, which is in evidence by all the gushing. So in a few weeks when the new product high wears off I'll do a proper review on each item. I also discovered today that I'm running low on my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which I kinda can't live without. So it looks like another trip to Sephora will be happening in a few weeks.