Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stylish Sundays or Floral Kicks

So I've finally decided what day I'm going to post my outfit posts and how I'm going to title them. In case you didn't notice. Also I loved Bullwinkle as a child. But Mr. Peabody and Sherman was my favorite.

Just a warning, it was an absolute miserable day when these photos were shot. It was cold cold cold, and I was super de duper unhappy about it.

I'm wearing a Trench Coat from Express and my absolute favorite scarf from H&M. I actually got the Coat in a sale, for about a 4th of its original price. My favorite bit is that the sleeves are lined with a coral/hot pink color that looks really cute when you turn them up, which I usually do. The scarf is an infinity scarf in dark raspberry pink and a lighter kind of strawberry smoothie type pink. It's super soft, and very snuggly without being to bulky. I have my absolute favorite Sunglasses from H&M on my head, they have burgundy frames.

My top is from Madewell and my trousers are H&M. I love this top, its a baseball style tee with Hot Pink stripes and Navy blue sleeves. another one that I got an amazing deal on. They had a really great sale last year and I actually bought quite a bit. The pants are my absolute favorite. I love them so much that I have them in both blue and black. I would have bought them in all the colors but I thought that was to many. I really regret not buying them in the blush color.
These shoes are from H&M a few years ago. They reminded me of shoes my mom would have worn in the late 70's. I'm absolutely impatient for spring and flowers everywhere, so I decided to put the flowers on my feet. These were super cheap at only $7 and are great for just kind of kicking about if I'm not doing anything special. 

I kinda really loved this outfit, even though I froze my ass off. I'll definitely be repeating this or some variation of it, when it gets warmer.  

For details about my makeup, see my Nars Deep Throat Review.