Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teeny Tiny Pick Me Up Haul

I came home to find my Sephora order waiting for me so I thought I'd show you what I got. It's a very small order but I'm very excited about it.

I ordered two of Ciate's Paint Pots.

Big Yellow Taxi which is a gorgeous bright but pale yellow

and Cupcake Queen which is a hot pink with almost nonexistent blue shimmer.

I'm kinda really in love with them both. The bottles are absolutely adorable with the little black bows on the bottles, and the tiny bows that dot the i's in Ciate. I'm a sucker for details like that.

I've been wanting to try Ciate's paint pots since I first heard about them from FleurDeForce. I know she's said in the past that Big Yellow Taxi is her favorite yellow. Which is honestly why I bought that one. I don't usually blindly buy things based on the advice of beauty gurus, except when it comes to Fleur. Everything I've ever bought that she's recommended has been exactly what I expected it to be. That's probably because even when doing a review of something provided by the company she tells you both the pros and cons.

Back to the polishes though. I bought these because I've been suffering from the Mean Reds lately and as I mentioned in my post on it, I wanted to pick up something small and bright that would be a good quick pick me up. I had origionally planned on picking up a Chanel Polish, but I was watching old FleurDeForce videos and was reminded of how much i had wanted to try the Ciate polishes. I figured I'd be able to pickup two for the cost of one Chanel and decided to go for it. They're so bright and cheery and I get a bit giddy every time I see them.

I know they aren't exactly winter colors, but I'm so over winter. I'm tired of being cold, and we haven't even had much snow. I'm ready for spring and even summer which I dislike nearly as much as I do being cold. 

I'll do a full review after I've tried them both out to let you know wear time and what I think of the formula and all that Jazz.