Monday, March 4, 2013

Accidental Shopping Or Whatever

So I mentioned on Saturday that I was going to go get my hair cut, which I did. Which you'll see tomorrow, or Wednesday, I haven't decided. But I got there early, and I might have accidentally went shopping. Okay, not might have, did. Oops, whatever.

But I'm absolutely in love with everything I bought. So I forgive myself.

First I found this gorgeous dress in JCPenney. It's the brand Olsenboyle. So I'm not surprised I love it, because I adore the Olsens.

Black and white Skater dress with a sweetheart neckline and sheer fabric at the top and a black waist belt, that'sactually not bad quailty. Its amazing, and on trend, whatever.

I haven't actually shopped for myself in JCP since before their rebrand and price change. I kinda found a lot I love in there and you can expect to see more from there on here in the future.

Then I went to H&M, what that place is like my Mecca or something. Yes, that's rude, whatever. They have so much cute stuff right now it's painful. I completely regret not buying more while I was in there, but I didn't. What I bought though was awesome.

A high necked almost cap sleeved coral/hot pink (whatever) skater dress. I'm so in love with this, and when I sent a dressing room pic to O. (one of my beasties) she said I looked hot in it. I agreed so I bought it.

You've noticed a pattern haven't you? I purposely bought two skater dresses in one shopping trip. I almost bought three, but I restrained myself, barely. I set out looking for skater dresses. It's because of the flippy skirt. It's also because I'm obsessed with FleurDeForce's style, and they both look like something she'd wear. I also think Leigh Ann says could appreciate these dresses, considering her last OOTD. It was, as always, amazing. I kinda really love her. It's whatever though.

Then while I was at H&M I fell in love with a necklace, so I bought that too.

It's a statement necklace, that has lots of dangly silver leaf things. I love it, I'm doing to wear it with everything.

Then I went to Journeys, and did a bad, bad thing. I bought more shoes. From a brand I already own. In two different colors. Whatever.

They're white Converse.

I needed them. Remember I've been a bit obsessed with them. Starting in my The Romance In Traveling post, and How Shoes Change The Attitude Of An Outfit, and then How To Wear Converse. All of those posts focused on white Converse. So I kinda needed them. I'm so in love with them.

I kinda blame Nikki Phillippi for pushing me over the edge on these. I also blame her for the mint (oh, or maybe peach!) vans I plan on buying in the future. But since she told me to on twitter I think she's cool with that. My husband, however, may kill me. Bury me with my shoes if he does.

Do you think it would be too much to wear them with the coral dress and a neon purple belt that I plan on going back to H&M and buying? No? Good, because I'm gonna wear it that way anyway.

Be proud on me though, I walked through Sephora twice and didnt buy anything. It was so hard. Okay and the first time, it wasn't for lack of trying. I went in to see if they had my beloved Nails Inc Metallic polish in another color, but that Sephora didn't. I was so heartbroken.

There is a major over use of whatever in this post. I probably could have come up with a better way to say things. But ya know what? It's whatever.