Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Haul or I only went for one thing I swear

About a week ago I ran out of my face mask, and I needed to replace it. I also had a few other things I was thinking about buying and I might have accidentally actually bought them on purpose. Okay I totally did.
 First I picked up the Bedhead Styleshots in Epic Volume and the Philosophy Bodywash in Love Sweet Love from Ulta, and I've been using them for a little while now and I'm completely in love with them.
Then I went oto H&M and picked up this great Green Twill jacket and those adorable Coral and Tan Flats.

Finally from Sephora I bought the Murad Acne Complex 30 day kit and Illamasqua's Speckle Nail Polish which has matte glitter in it that gives it a sort of birds egg appearance that I absolutely adore.

In the Murad Kid is a Cleanser, Acne Treatment Gel, 2 moisturizers, Acne Spot Treatment, and finally a Clarifying Mask.

I'm actually doing a complete review on this, including a picture of my face before I started it, and I have been taking notes in my phone as I go through it, so no judgements.