Friday, March 29, 2013

Clothing Haul or Spring Blooms

Last week one of my closest friends O was in town and we managed to find sometime to do some shopping. It was a short trip because we were in a rush, but even rushed shopping is good shopping.

We only went to H&M because well have you seen my closet lately? It's 90% H&M and I swear that percentage is climbing each time I go shopping. I just don't seem to find anything anywhere else that I love and that's in a price range I'm willing to pay.
I was originally only looking to get a Tee Shirt and Floral pants I'd seen the last time I was there that I regretted not buying, but I ended up getting a Dress as well.
The Tee is a super simple sheer oatmeal colored tee that's long enough to wear comfortably with leggings, but looks great with everything. It's the perfect easy throw on and go summer top and I plan on wearing it to death this summer. I also plan on getting more just like it because it was only $9.95.
Floral pants are super trendy right now, and I saw these the last time I was in H&M and fell in love with them. My husband said they looked like old lady pants on the hanger, but I'm pretty sure he likes them on me. Since it's so trendy I didn't want to pay a lot for a pair, and these were perfect because they were on sale for $9.95 from $24.95.
I had a 20% of coupon and I thought this dress was just darling. I need to wear a slip with it, and a bandeau because it's really sheer and the arm holes are super low, but I love it anyway. It's really lady like, and it makes me think of the dresses Emma Stone wore in The Help, but the need for a bandeau makes it feel super modern. I think I'm going to hit up VS this weekend and pick up a peach colored one to match, because I am dying to wear it. Probably this one.

I actually might grab another to go under that oatmeal colored tee. Bandeau's never stay put for me, but I love the look so I really like the idea of the racer back bralettes. And they aren't that expensive which is awesome.

I think the best part of this shopping trip was being with O. Usually I shop by myself or with my husband, but sometimes you need a girlfriend with you.

I have another haul that will probably be up sometime next week, that is makeup related...again. I know I have a problem, but I can't help it.