Monday, March 18, 2013

The Brits have all the best makeup or I'm in love with Illamasqua

I went to Sephora a few days ago for a new face mask and plans to pick up the Nails Inc polish in Stratford. They didn't have it, and I was absolutely heartbroken over it, so I decided to console myself with a polish from Illamasqua. You'll see everything else I bought tomorrow, in my haul post. But today I felt like doing a Veruca Salt style post and talking about things I want.

The Polish I picked up is from their new spring collection IMPERFECTION, Speckle. So of course I'm completely in love with it. Then I realized that I've never tried anything else from the brand, and that needs to be remedied very very soon. So I had a little look at their website.

Now I'm sure you've noticed that I post wishlists and gift guides kinda frequently (The gift guide for knitters is coming soon, but I haven't quite patterned out all the details yet - did ya see what I did there?). This is because I constantly have a bunch of them in Google Drive, and the notes on my phone and in my little bloggy book, and anywhere else I can jot down things I want. Sometimes writing it down helps, other times it only makes it worse. This time it made it worse.

When you factor in that Illamasqua is a British Beauty Brand and is a bit avaunt-guard in their color range, and products, it was bound to be love for me. I just can't help it. I mean I wouldn't wear lime green opaque lipgloss, but I sure as hell love to look at it. Bright pink however I am all over that. It might not suit my skintone, and my husband won't kiss me, but still bright lips, cheeks and nails are my thing.

So here is my "want list" of Illamasqua items.

First up is the Powder Blush Duo in Lover and Hussy. These colors are bright and beautiful but still very wearable. I'm completely in love with them. I also really want Sophie and Nymph which I completely blame on Haley from Beauty Rambles. She has them both and they look gorgeous, come to think of it she also has Hussy and it looks amazing on her.

And from the Cream Blush Range Rude, Dixie and Libido. Libido actually looks terrifying in the swatch, but if you apply it very lightly I think it would give you an amazing flushed glow.

So of course then I'll be needing their new Blush Up Brush. I'm certain it would take me ages to learn to use it, but it's something new and I don't feel like I properly apply my blush anyway.

Then I have a ton of the Lipcolors I'm in love with. I adore that they do lip swatches on the website so you can see how the color looks on. Immodest is my favorite,  it's a gorgeous matte bright pink, and despite that description I could totally see this being my favorite every day lipstick. I'm also a huge fan of Obey, Over, Scandal, and Eurydice, ooh, ooh, ooh and Brink and Magnetism. And those are just the lipsticks.

From the Sheer Lipglosses I want Torture, Devine, Electrify, and Lily Rose. The sheer glosses are beautiful and definitely suitable for daily wear. Perfection for spring and summer nearly barefaced makeup. Just something to make your lips look glossy and kissable.

I'm only completely in love with 2 of the intense lipglosses though and those are Mistress and Indulge. They're both very bright, but they could easily be pulled off with a mostly bare face and some serious mascara, but I would probably skip the eyeliner.

I'm kinda interested in trying their Light Liquid Foundation or maybe their Skin Base Foundation.  I know I love my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and I think it's the absolute perfect foundation, which I'm running very low on, so I'm currently using Dr. Jart+'s Black Label BB cream, but I still think these would be interesting to try. I have no clue what shade I'd be since I'm the absolute lightest color in the Chanel Foundation and the BB Cream doesn't come in shades.

I'm also kinda interested in the Masquara, because while I adore my YSL Shocking Mascara, it is very Bam in your face and sometimes you need something that's a bit less.

Which brings me finally to the Nails. Fragile, Mottle, and Scarce are gorgeous speckle polishes like the much beloved namesake polish pictured above and I'm in love. And being that I'm generally obsessed with polishes I'm also really in love with the look of: Lament, Gamma, Nomad, Rare, Noble, Collide, Obsess, Devotee, and of course Raindrops and Pink Raindrops because aside from the names of the last two they're actually gorgeous.

I'm more than aware that the above list is so full of things I want that even Veruca Salt would be ashamed, but I can't help it everything is so gorgeous that I want to collect it all like Fafnir the Dragon collects treasure.