Friday, April 19, 2013

Gel Nails Review

I know I've been gone all week again, I'm sorry. Howl has kept me busy all week and I've only just now had the time to sit and type this out.

A few weeks ago I went with one of my very dear friends to get mani-pedi's. Honestly that's not something I do all that often or really ever because I usually just paint my own nails since I own so many polishes. But she lives super far away and with her being in town for only a week, we definitely needed some girl time.

I decided to test out a shellac manicure to see if it would be something I'd be interested in investing in as an at home thing, for the future. (That is a lot of I words in that last sentence).  Because who doesn't want two weeks of perfect nails? So I got CND's Tropix which is a bright pretty coral color.

CND Tropix against my Kate Spade iPad Case
Gorgeous isn't it? I absolutely love this color and it was perfectly springy for the still cold March. Yep that's how long ago these pictures were taken.
It wore pretty well for a few days, and then I began to notice some minor tip wear. I do type a lot though so that wasn't so bad. Then after about a week it started chipping. Then a week and 3 days in they looked like this:
CND Tropix chipped against my Kate Spade iPad Case
For some reason 2 nails completely peeled off, and while you can't really see it in this photo my first finger on my left hand has a big chip out of the bottom of the shellac.

All and all it looked amazing for the first few days, and if I were going away for a weekend or something like that I would totally do it again, but the two week perfect manicure thing just didn't work out for me. I don't know that I'll be investing in an at home version of it. Maybe someday when I've paired down the amount of polishes I have. Which doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon since I bought 3 more polishes recently.  There will be a haul coming up soon.

Also since I've recently gotten a puppy and therefore will be testing out toys and other puppy items, like he already needs a new bed since his disintegrated in the dryer, would you be interested in puppy hauls and item reviews?