Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stylish Sundays or Easy Boho

I know Stylish Sundays didn't happen last week. We got busy and the photos didn't get edited, but here they are now.

As you know my style is mostly inspired by laziness, this is the absolute end all, beat all, of being lazy. 
  I'm wearing my slouchy sheer oatmeal tee, VS Pink Peach Bralette, Self-altered Black Maxi Skirt.
 I'm kinda completely in love with this skirt,  I didn't completely make it by hand, which is why I said self-altered. Last year I bought a black maxi dress that ended up being a few inches to short after I washed it. I was pretty annoyed until I remembered this post from LoveMaegan.  It was a elasticated empire waist dress, so I snipped it off and then stitched around the top so it wouldn't be jagged and I was done. I've already worn it 3 different ways, and I promise you will be seeing it again.
 My Jewelry is a mint and gold pendent from the now defunct ColourMe.Com, a handmade silver bracelet from Friendship, which is a bi-annual festival near where I live, and my Da Vinci bracelet that was a Birthday Gift from my husband.
 For my shoes I wore my Minnetonka Moccasins. I adore these shoes. These were the first shoes I ever bought that cost me more than $20 and I'm so glad I did. I've had them for 4 years now and they've certainly worn well and have definitely taught me that it pays to invest in certain items. I kinda really want a pair of the ankle boots for fall, and am torn between them and some Chelsea Boots. These are on sale and I'm kinda broken-hearted about it because of the aforementioned spending ban.

Of course, here are the obligatory puppy shots. Howl seems to be getting bigger everyday. I take him every where with me and he loves the car which I am very thankful for.
Howl says "Hi Internets!"