Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stylish Sundays or Trendy Old Lady Pants

Happy Easter! This post is going up late because I had a family day yesterday.

As you saw in my haul on Friday I picked up some Floral pants and an Oatmeal colored Tee. Since I'm clearly 6 years old I couldn't wait to wear them, and decided that even though I wasn't going anywhere with nothing special planned, there was no reason I couldn't get a bit dolled up. So I did...

 and then proceeded to take way too many pictures.

I'm wearing an Oatmeal colored Tee, Floral Pants and a Rose Gold Hair Barrette you can't see from H&M, Studded Loafers by Wanted that I got I DSW, and a Pen Necklace that my good friend Mrs. Cannady got me for my Birthday, which was inspired by my obsession with Joan from Mad Men's Necklace that I was obsessed with.

Sometimes I forget what an amazing Photographer my husband is. It's easy to overlook that when he's always taking outfit photos for me and we're in a rush to get going somewhere else. However this time we didn't have anywhere else to be, and were just taking photos for the sake of taking photos.

I adore they way the photos turned out, they ended up being less posed for outfit photos and more like an actual photo shoot.

 So lets focus on the details. I adore the pen necklace and even more so that it actually works. I feel like it made this outfit less trendy and a bit more professional. Like I could easily be someones assistant somewhere. It's probably one of my favorite gifts I've ever received from a friend, next to a tote bag that T randomly snuck into my house one day to surprise me with.

And the colors in these pants are amazing. They're bright and springy, but I feel like the black background and the silhouette of them tones it down a bit. The fabric is really nice, and they fit amazing.

The Oatmeal tee is super comfortable and was really easy to wear. I definitely want this top in every possible color it's made in. I can think of a thousand different ways to wear it.

  My makeup was really simple just Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in B10, Eyeshadows that the names have rubbed off the bottom, but they are neutrals, YSL Shocking Mascara, Nars Deep Throat Blush and you'll find out what's on my lips on Monday.

Clearly I need my bangs trimmed, but I'm liking the messy look for now. On my nails, which you can catch a glimpse of in this picture is another sneak peek at an upcoming blog post.

And finally the arty black and white shot. I actually adore this picture, and am vain enough to want a print of it to hang in my house. My husband actually has some amazing black and whites he's taken around our town and the next town over. I'm crazy in love with some of them. I'll do a picture post of my favorites sometime this summer if he'll let me.