Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Easy Summer Outfit or Fall into the Gap

I mentioned in my Mother's Day Gift Guide that if I could have whatever I wanted for Mother's Day I'd like a Gift Card to the Gap. So for today's post I wanted to show you what I'd buy with that card. 

Below is my perfect outfit, it's trendy, but still classy at the same time. The main part fits perfectly in to the black and white trend. I adore the way Gap Tees fit and this black Market T has what I consider the absolute perfect fit. I also love the Skimmer Jeans and I love these in White. I've kinda been in love with ankle skimming jeans and have been cuffing mine since I saw Audrey Hepburn wear them in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Then I added this Neon Striped Scarf and this Striped Canvas Tote because I'm obsessed with Stripes. Then because it's spring time and I love ballet flats I added in this floral pair in pink. I thought it tied it all together perfectly. 
This outfit has the floral trend for spring, the black and white trend, Neon, and Stripes, and still works perfectly. Even though it has all those trends in it, it's still really grown up, and absolutely perfect for my everyday life. Honestly if I could dress like this everyday I would. 

While I love fashion, and sometimes you have to take a risk, simple basics like this can make a great outfit for everyday errands and easy lazy days. And you know I'm all about lazy days.