Thursday, May 9, 2013

Murad Review or is my face still messed up

Long story short, it is.

Simply put Murad was not the answer to my skin issues, but it did help. Not as much as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish did, so my quest for something that helps that I don't have to order from England is still on. I'll post a picture and a mini review of each product below.

This is the kit I ordered directly from Murad. The only difference between this kit and the one I got from Sephora is a Mattifying Suncreen that I hated upon first use and never used again. Since I only used that product once I don't feel like I can do a proper review on it.

First step is the Clarifying cleanser, it's a decent cleanser, sort of does it's job in that it gets your face clean, but I don't really feel like it cleared my acne any. It must have done something because it has Salicylic Acid in it, but it definitely wasn't much. This cleanser lasts for ages though. And by the end of the second bottle I was just hoping each use would be it's last. I finally finished it though.

Second Step if you're not using a mask if the Exfoliating Gel which takes the place of a Toner. This gel would be great if you have super crazy oily skin. Personally I do not, so it just dryed my face out terribly. Couple that with the issues I had with the Dr. Jart+ BB Cream and for a couple weeks there I was crazy unhappy. I actually stopped using this halfway through the second time around when a lady at Sephora mentioned this might be one of the things drying me out and making me over oily at the end of the day.

Third Step in the kit is the Skin Perfecting Moisturizer. This product was just extremely blah for me. It didn't make me feel moisturized and it didn't really perfect my skin at all. It was just meh. This was the other product that the lady at Sephora said might be drying me out. I've been out of this for a bout a week longer than everything else, and have been using samples of moisturizers. Even though one of the two I've tried made my cystic acne angry, both of those feel a billion times better and I don't feel oily by the end of the day.

Then you have 2 bonus steps that you don't have to do but they are recommended. Those two steps were the only steps I liked from the two kits I got from Murad.

The first one of those steps is the acne spot treatment. It has sulfur in it to help dry up the acne and it really does help at least I think it does. It's not amazing and you won't see instaresults but it does help if you use it twice daily and don't miss it. It seems to stop if from getting worse and helps heal it up.

Then the absolute star of this kit for me was the Clarifying Mask. It's a clay mask with a Sulfur treatment in it and when I use this mask I pretty much see instant results. It doesn't make everything go away immediately, but it does seem to shrink and take the redness out of everything. This is the only thing I really enjoyed using and I looked forward to using the two times a week suggested. If I had a particularly bad cyst pop up I would put this on as a spot treatment and leave it for 30 minutes or at the end of my routine.

I've decided to be a bit more strict in what I try and have set up a table in google drive with a list of skincare brands I've heard about that I'm interested in trying and as I go through that table there will be more reviews here.  I'm currently using a sample of Ain't Misbehavin by Derma Doctor, but when that's gone I'm not sure what I'm going to try next.