Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring is here but I'd rather be in Paris or Parisian Chic

I've been spending a lot of time watching HGTV and I'm absolutely obsessed with the Paris Episodes of House Hunters. I've never been really interested in even being in Paris until recently despite the fact that I took french in elementary school. Looking at the city and the houses has made me absolutely desperate to be in France. I've always loved Versailles, but now I want to see all of France and would love to be able to just take off and spend a summer, or if I'm really honest at least a year touring the whole country.

Since I'm unable to do that, I'm instead imaging what I would wear if I were able to just up and go to France for a year. Today I'm sort of focusing on the touristy type outfits I'd wear. What I'd wear to explore the markets and spend time in the parks. Maybe learn to ride a bike. Actually I can ride a bike, so long as it has training wheels or 3 wheels, I have no balance.

So lets look at what I'd wear to be a tourist in France in the Summer

Easy Spring
This outfit is definitely my Market Exploring outfit. I love that this outfit mixes both patterns and textures and even though it all comes from American retailers I still feel like this outfit is very Parisian. The Lace Blossom Tee from Madewell is the perfect starting point for this outfit. It's plain white but it has texture because it's lace. I'm completely in love with with these Demin Cutoff Shorts in Graphic Grid. I love Madewell Denim and the pattern of these is almost sort of a non pattern. It's the kind of pattern you could easily mix with another pattern and it wouldn't look gaudy or like you're trying to hard to be trendy. This Embroidered Scarf from J.Crew is gorgeous and perfect for traveling in France because it's light enough to layer in the warm weather and just adds the perfect finishing touch. Plus Scarves are very Parisian and you don't want to stick out when you're a tourist in another country. The Leather Ballet Flats from Gap are perfect for all the walking you'll be doing and of course you'll need the Picnic Floral Delacorte watch from Kate Spade so you're not late for lunch. My favorite part of this outfit, the finishing touch on this outfit really is this Call To Action Play The Field bag from Kate Spade. It's absolutely perfect for all the shopping you'll be doing in the open air  The accessories of this outfit could easily work into several other outfits which is key when you're packing for traveling.

This second outfit is perfect for riding bikes, visiting the Eiffel Tower, and exploring the parks.
Stripes are classically Parisian so this Striped Harbor Sweater from Madewell is a must, it's loose and comfortable while still being insanely fashionable. I paired it with the 3" Chino Shorts in Chrome Green from J.Crew. Add in some Keds for ease of peddling or walking. You could easily switch these out for Converse or Superga's. Add in the Picnic Floral watch you wore with your last outfit, some Skinny Mini Bow Studs and this Neon Pink Turnlock Charm Leather Bracelet from Marc By Marc Jacobs and you've got the perfect accessories. Then since you'll be out sightseeing all day I added in these Winston Sunglasses from Warby Parker which is an amazing company that donates a pair of glasses for every pair you buy. I'm just a bit obsessed right now and am saving all my pennies hopefully in order to buy myself a pair for my birthday this October.  I added in this fragrance from Caudalié. I adore Caudalié and being that they're a french skincare company, this nice light fragrance would be perfect for your stay in France.

Just a bit of a side note here, you guys will be seeing a lot of Caudalié products here very soon in the form of a Haul. Probably early next week.