Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Peach Pants and Chelsea Boots or Fabulous Hair

Look at me on time with Stylish Sundays. I know how rare that's been, right? Don't worry, my sisters coming to stay with me so next weeks will probably be late. Even though it's on time it is picture heavy though, sorry I just couldn't decide.

 So since I can't wait, I'll talk about my hair first. my bangs had not been cut for months and they were driving me absolutely, completely crazy. So I made an appointment at Tanya's Image and Wellness Salon in Crestview Hills, KY. I'm absolutely in love with the result.
 Once I made my appointment I had to decide what I wanted. I looked for days at pictures of celebrities and at pictures of how I had my hair before. But none of them were really what I wanted. Finally about 2 days before my appointment when I was starting to worry that I'd walk in there and not know what I want, I sat down and said who do I have the most hair envy over?

 The answer of course was FleurDeForce. Every single time I see her I'm jealous of her hair, even when she's got it tossed up in a ponytail headed to the gym, it looks amazing. The picture I took in of Fleur's hair was one that she posted on instagram after she had gotten her hair done at the Aveda Salon in London.
 Which is actually a bit funny, because according to her bio my stylist, Christie Toffan, graduated from the Aveda Fredric Institute. I must say I completely adored her, and if you're in the area I fully recommend going to see her. I drove an hour to get there and it's definitely worth it. I will be going back.
Now obviously my hair doesn't look exactly like Fleur's hair. Mine's shorter with different bangs, this is because I had overgrown blunt bangs, and it was shorter to begin with. But my goal is for it to grow out into a very similar style. 

Let's break things up with an adorable picture of Howl:

 Now that we've all cooed over that adorableness, lets get into the outfit. Here's the overview:

 For my top I wore a lace tank that you can see better here, with a grey cardigan that kinda reminds me of the cardigans that ballerina's wear. Sorry it's been ages and I don't remember where I bought it. My necklace is from Jewelmint and it's the Lovers Locket. It's one of my favorites, I've always loved Lockets and it's Rose Gold.
 Here's a close up:

For my makeup I'm wearing Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10, with Nars Deep Throat, Makeup Forever Setting Powder (Gift from my bestie T, and as usual she was right I adore it) Chanel Mascara, Benefit's Highbeam and Boi-ing concealer in no. 2. 
My Pants are Peach Skinnies I got from H&M awhile ago on sale. I adore these pants, the only issue is that they stain easily, and I'm terribly clutzy.
and finally, we have my Chelsea Boots that my absolutely amazing husband gave me for our wedding anniversary.  He ordered them from Asos, and if you'll notice they're the ones I mentioned wanting before. I'm completely in love with them and wore them all day today. Right from the moment I put them on they were extremely comfortable. I'd say they're probably my favorite boots I own.
I think we'll end things today with another adorable picture of Howl.  He's just so cute.