Friday, May 31, 2013

Takin' on the Jellies or another Childhood obsession

Today's post is another childhood obsession of mine. I've blogged before about how I desperately dreamed of having a pair of Red Rainboots just like Ramona Quimbly, which this past Valentines my lovely Husband made come true, and with Hunters at that. I know I'm a very lucky girl. But being that summer is coming up I've been thinking of proper wet shoes for the hot weather.
Last year I bought Sperrys just for that reason and honestly? That was flat out dumb. They are insanely comfortable, until you get them wet. Then they are just as uncomfortable as any other wet canvas shoe. For some reason I thought that them being a boat shoe meant they'd be just grande to walk in when wet. I was terribly mistaken. I wore them to Kings Island and regretted that descision as soon as I stepped off White Water Canyon. Which since its my favorite ride, I rode 5 times in a row. Yep, I'm extra stupid. 
I know most people would just wear rubber flip flops, and I do. Sometimes, if I have too. But mostly? I hate them. A lot. I have weird feet people, flip flops or thongs, and I are not friends. Bonus issue, I cant drive in them, its like Cher Horowitz in Platforms. Plus, I see a lot of Moms in my town switch from crocs to flops when it gets really hot. Long story short (Too Late!), I don't do flip flops, no matter how much they cost except to walk the dog at 3am, and if I weren't allergic to bees, I'd skip the flip flops and go barefoot.
I told you that incredibly long story to tell you this incredibly long story. I've always wanted Jellies shoes. I was never allowed to have them, even as summer running in the mud shoes because my mother thought they were impractical, no matter how cheap they were then. However, as an adult I'm not subject to my mother's fashion opinions and can buy all the stupid shoes I want to. For evidence see my shoe collection.

That said I have recently discovered that Kate Spade makes Jelly shoes, and that they aren't terribly priced and I need a pair for this summer.
Kate Spade

The problem is I can't decide which ones, and on a couple of the pairs, I can't decide which colors. While I like the Jennie Flat in Cobalt/Turquoise I think I prefer them in Pink/Orange. However I feel the opposite way about the Farren Sandals, I think they look so much sweeter in Cobalt/Turquoise, but not so much in the Pink/Orange. The other two pairs I really like are the Jane Flats in Pink which have a completely adorable bow on the toe and the Fiala Flats in Orange Rubber which have a hot pink flower on the front. I'm kinda in love with all of them!

I could see my self having many "Summer Adventures" in these shoes, and for the flats I could easily see them paired up with Skinny Jeans and a Tee/Jacket combo. The Flats are probably more practical, since I would wear them into the fall time and probably stupidly into the winter. However the sandals just scream summer, and even though I'm not much of a sandal wearer I'm completely in love with the Farren sandals because of the bow on the front. What do you think guys, which pair should I choose?

Bonus note: Takin' on the Jellies is from Finding Nemo which is one of my all time favorite Pixar movies, and is fittingly a children's movie.

By The Way: There is only 1 day left on my Giveaway, and if there isn't 50 entries there will be no giveaway thanks to Oasap's terms for the giveaway as noted in that post, so hurry up and enter and tell your friends to enter too!

Kate Spade by fashionandhappythings featuring ankle wrap sandals