Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Broadway imPress Review or Those Are Not My Nails

 I received these nails in my Spring Vox Box from Influenster last month and while this is normally not my thing I decided to give it a go.
 I got the color Joyride which was sort of a purply fushica color. I really like this color, though I don't wear anything like it very often. The nails were easily to apply on the first hand because you just peel little stickers off the back. Because of this they were terrible to apply on the other hand and I had to get my Husband to help me peel the stickers. It was a bit hard finding the proper nail for each finger, and even thought they recommend to go smaller if need be, I ended up having to size up one to find anything remotely close to my middle fingers nail size. A mistake I may have made was trimming my nails since the glue on the back of the nail goes all the way up to the top of the nails. I ended up with crumbs stuck to them.

Now for the bad bit, I don't know if I didn't prep my nails properly, or what went wrong, maybe it was the trimming, but these nails didn't last on my own nails even over night. I lost 6 out of 10 nails when I went to sleep. Okay, I'll admit that I wasn't overly heartbroken about that, because while I had them on I hated them. Fake nails are just not my thing. I've only had acrylics twice in my life. Once I went with my friends sister, and the other time was when I got married and couldn't be fussed with my nails, so I needed something I knew would last. Since this was before Gel was really popular, it had to be acrylics. Both times it took me ages to relearn to do anything with them on, and even after I did, I just felt awkward. These gave me the same feeling.

The good news is the only real bad bit is that they didn't stay on my nails, but like I said, since this isn't usually my bag, I probably missed a step when I applied them. Either that or it's just my nails. If you'll look back to my Gel Nails Review you'd see that those didn't last on me as long as they should have either. They also definitely feel like fake nails, unlike the nail polish strips (review on those soon), but they give the same effect.

 Here's what they look like on my nails:
I'm holding my favorite candle from Anthropologie, Citrus Basil. It's divine and I completely recommend it.

Final verdict? I wouldn't buy them, but if I were given another pack of them I would try them again.

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