Thursday, June 20, 2013

DERMAdoctor AIN"T misbehavin Review or Was this just a waste of my Money?

In short, kinda. I used this for a while, as a mini mask in the morning. I'd wash my face, then dry it. I'd apply a thin layer of this and let sit for anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes. It would burn a lot when I put it on, and then that would kinda fade to not so bad of a burning feeling. I actually kind of hated that part. When I'd take it off my skin would feel a bit raw, but that went away after I used my toner and moisturizer.It did seem to help my acne. It didn't clear it up though, and after awhile my skin got very sensitive to it. Especially once I added in a retinol treatment. At first I just stopped using it like a mask and started using it like a wash, but then it no longer seemed like the product was doing anything for my skin. If I did leave it on for a few minutes it was excruciating.  Then I actually had to completely stop using it after that. My skin would burn no matter what I put on it and it just felt really raw and angry. I'm pretty sure this was just much to harsh for my face, considering I have insanely sensitive, allergy prone skin.

I'm a bit sad about the fact that this didn't work for me, because it has amazing reviews, and it's not that expensive since a little bit really goes a long way. It did help,my acne wasn't gone, but it didn't seem as imbedded and painful as it was before. Maybe if I had been able to use it longer it would have cleared up my face, because I was only able to use it for a little more than a month.  So if your acne isn't as severe as mine, or if you don't have sensitive skin like I do then I say give it a go.

You'll probably see that most of the reviews I have of a product that aren't rave, end up with me having some kind of bad reaction to it. My skin is so insanely sensitive and it's really hard to find the right combination of products that doesn't for lack of a better phrase tick it off.

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