Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kate Somerville Review or Leaky Tubes Of Goo

Today I'm reviewing two of the products I picked up from Kate Somerville, The Gentle Daily Wash and the Clarifying Treatment Toner.

The only issue is I don't know if I can do a proper review on these products, because you see I'm already almost out of the Cleanser and halfway through the Toner. And I shouldn't be, because according to Sephora I purchased the Cleanser on the 4th of June and the Toner on the 9th of June. Frankly this makes me flat angry, because for $32 and $24 respectively I should not be running out of either product. This is why I'm "reviewing" them together. I just don't have enough to say about each for a full post on their own.

The Cleanser is what really baffles me, a little bit goes a long way, but the top of my package is leaky, so maybe that's where it's all going. It lathers well but isn't bubbly and is lovely to use with my Clarisonic. I really enjoy the way it smells. It's sort of gel like and I feel it's more like a medicinal type cleanser than a luxurious cleanser. Just a get the job done type thing, where as the Caudalie cleanser and the Liz Earle cleanser just feel amazing.

The toner however, I know exactly why I'm halfway through it. It says to use two pumps on a cotton ball or cotton round, and then swipe over your face. The problem with this is 2 pumps barely covers my forehead and I don't exactly have a big head or anything. I end up using 5 or 6 pumps on a cotton round. It's sort of a non-scent in that I don't really notice the smell of it. It does sting if you've got a sore bit or an open blemish. Other than that, I don't have anything else to say about it. I wish you didn't have to use so much of it so it would have last me longer, because I do like it.

Have you tried these Kate Somerville products? Am I judging them to harshly?

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