Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Workin On My Fitness or Aerie Haul

I know it says Haul in the title, because it sort of is. I ordered some stuff last week when Aerie had a sale and I'm kinda obsessed with it all. I kinda got 2 "outfits" for the price of 1, which is exactly the kind of sale I adore. Normally I'll do a Haul post and then feature the items in Stylish Sundays as soon as I can, but I figured I'd go ahead and just combine it, all lazy like.

In this first outfit I'm wearing the Aerie Summer Love Tank in Hibiscus, Aerie Slim Gym Yoga Skinny Crop Pant in True Black,

a Danskin sports Bra, Emi-Jay Hair Tie,

 Under Armour Running Socks, Nike Duel Fusion St 2's.

This was a an incredibly comfortable outfit, I wore it to work out in. Well sort of work out, currently we've been taking Howl to our local running trail and we half run, half walk around the trail with him. He absolutely loves it, and it wears everybody out.

The Second Outfit I'm kinda wearing the exact same thing, just different colors. No, seriously look, I'm wearing a Aerie Summer Love Tank in Dark Heather Grey, a pink Danskin Sports Bra, Aerie Slim Gym Yoga Skinny Crop Pant in Silver, and not shown but I promise are there Under Armour Running Socks.

I bet your wondering why I'm just casually lounging on my couch in yoga pants with fabulous blown out hair. Well that's because that picture was taken today. Yep, and I'm having a lazy pampering day today. So I blew out my hair this morning, and I'll be trying out my Korres Sleeping Facial tonight, and at some point I'll probably be repainting my nails. Bonus you're getting a sneak peak of an upcoming post in this picture.


About why I bought two of just about the same outfit. When I find something that works, I beat it to death, and baby this WORKS. I want more from Aerie, I adore how comfortable everything is. I've been obsessed with Under Armour Socks for a while now, and Emi-Jay Hair Ties are honestly the only ones I willingly use. I'll use something else if I have to, but I flat out prefer the Emi-Jay ones. They're cute, they don't damage my hair and Emi-Jay supports things like Operation Smile, Project Knapsack and Step Up Women's Network, and they're supporting it with 20% of their proceeds. Plus if they get stretched out just toss them in a small Laundry bag and throw them in the dryer and they're good as new. The only things I don't 100% love are my shoes. I bought these because I needed them and they were available, but I plan to replace them with either these or these Asics very soon.

Now you see why I didn't bother with a Haul or 2 seperate posts. It seemed kinda wasteful to be posting 2 OOTD's with the exact same outfit, or if not wasteful then redundant.

I'm definitely planning on getting more workout gear, especially from Aerie. Actually to warn everyone who'll be shopping for me for my birthday this year (I'll be 27) expect to see workout gear on my list. I hope to loose 20 lbs before I turn 30. Since I've managed to only not gain anymore weight for the last 2 years, I  honestly don't know if I'll be able to do it.

Also, I really want/need a Jawbone Up. I live a pretty sedentary life, with poor sleep, and this is the perfect solution. It alerts you when you've been idle for too long, it tracks your sleep, your eating and how much you've moved and how many calories you've burned doing it. And you don't have to take it off to shower or snowball fight according to the site. I'm kinda in love and think this is something I'll be saving for (and adding to my birthday list!)

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