Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY Floral Headband or Mistress Mary How Does Your Garden Grow?

 If you saw my last Stylish Sunday's Post, Pride Parade or The Heat, then you might recall I had a Fabulous Floral Headpiece on. 
 You might also recall that I said I'd do a DIY post on how to make your self one. So here that post is. There are actually some other tutorials on how to do this if you search the internet, but I tried to make this as uncomplicated as possible.

You will need stretchy Headbands, Faux Flowers in different colors and sizes if you wish, a Lo-temp Hot Glue Gun and Glue Gun Sticks. Pictured here is my furry assistant Howl.
 First thing you'll need to do is pull all the flower tops off of your flowers. This was Howl's favorite part.
 Then put a dab of hot glue about a on the headband and stick on your first flower. if you're using large flowers then I recommend putting each dab of Hot Glue about an inch to half inch apart. For smaller flowers then I would play around until you can't see headband.

 And here's the finished result. I'm pretty in love with it, but having made it and worn it for an entire day, I have some bits of extra advice. First make sure your elastic band fits your head well. Mine felt small so I cut two of them apart, measured my head and sewed them together. Secondly, a couple of my flowers fell off because I didn't use enough hot glue, do not be afraid to really stick them on there with plenty of glue.

I absolutely adored making this and I plan to make another one with some smaller flowers very soon. I'm thinking of maybe using velvet ribbon and some daisies for a very 90's vibe.

Bonus Note: In some of the above pictures you can see bits of plaid, those are my pajama's which are from Victoria's Secret. You guys should know by now I adore VS pj's, they're my all time favorite.

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