Thursday, July 4, 2013

Feed USA + Target or Patriotic Haul

Happy (American) Independence Day. And what better way to celebrate than some good ol' fashioned consumerism. Stimulate the economy and all that jazz, right? I went to Target yesterday, and Sephora on Monday so this is a collective haul. Both times I went in for something specific and accidentally bought other things on purpose.

From Sephora I bought the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask, 2 L'Occitane Hand Creams in Hibiscus Flower and Mango Flower and since I spent more than $45 I got the Benefit Loves VIB's kit which has Bad Gal Lash, Sugarbomb Lipgloss and Sunbeam.

From Target I got a white pair of mid-rise Mossimo Supply Shorts, a Tank  and Chambray Shirt from the new Feed USA+Target collaboration.

I know I talk a lot about wanting to visit France or move to Britain, but I do care about the country I live in now. Not only that, but I have a soft spot for "buy this and donate money to this" type things. I mean why wouldn't you, if you were going to buy it anyway? Companies like Sevenly, which do a weekly set of items and $7 of your purchase goes to the charity they're supporting that week, get me everytime. If I plan to buy a graphic tee I will almost always buy it from  Which is why I'm completely obsessed with all of the Feed USA things at Target. I want it all and I can't even ride a bike.

If you're confused on what Feed USA is, it's a charity that provides meals to American school children and family's in need. It's a charity that I support wholeheartedly, and I have purchased something from one of their collabs before, I just dunno what I've done with it. Sometimes the only meals a child gets a day are the ones they get from school, Feed USA makes sure they get that. Feed also partner's with other countries and their goal is to end hunger world wide.

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