Friday, July 26, 2013

Liz Earle Energizing Hip And Thigh Gel Review

Or Wow What Is That Feeling

So when I got the Liz Earle Energizing Hip and Thigh Gel I said I'd most likely do a review of it. Since I've been using it a lot lately, and I've definitely formed an opinion of it, I thought I'd tell you about it today.



I was sent this product as a bonus gift for ordering the July Essentials Kit. They do one of these kits every month and there's always a bonus item with it. I kinda wasn't expecting to really care about it at all, mostly thinking this would just be a chuck in the drawer and forget about it. I usually don't get on with the free with purchase products. It's not that they're always bad products, they're just usually the sort of products I wouldn't normally purchase myself. I do like that the bonus item is always a full size product in the the Essentials Kit.

I'm not generally susceptible to the whole "energizing" claim products have, so the first time I used this, it was at night and I used it head to toe, because why not? Just because it says Hip and Thigh doesn't mean it's not good for all over. This was a mistake. Not the all over bit, but the using it at night. It took about a  minute or so to hit me, but I started to feel really jazzed, and hyper. I think it was the smell or something, it just made me feel more awake. It also left a slight cooling feeling on my skin which I adored, especially because it's summer and hot here in the states.

Now for the toning claims I don't have an answer. I don't really feel like any product can tone you. You can maybe be temporarily tightened but not actually toned by a product. I haven't felt or seen that this toned me any. But I did use it all over and I didn't pay much attention because I just don't care if something is toning or not.

Final Verdict? I might buy it, I might not. It's a nice, fun product. It made my skin feel nice and smooth. I enjoyed using it, but I don't think it's an absolute staple in my skincare routine.