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Book Review: Getting Rooted In New Zealand

Getting Rooted in New Zealand

For this weeks book review we have Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood. Since I'm ill I will not be doing an outfit post with this book. I do however have a get the look board.

New Zealand Look

Start off with a pretty dress, I love this one from French Connection (It's on major sale right now!), then a sweet bow belt, I, of course, chose this one from Kate Spade. Then you need so black patent flats, and you just can't go wrong with these from Zara. Then for accessories I chose this Apple of My Eye necklace from Kate Spade, it's so dainty and perfect. Top it all off with this great Trench from H&M and this red hat from Anthropologie. And you have the perfect look to match the cover of this book.

On to the review!

Jamie Baywood is a California Native that after a string of bad breakups, decides to uproot her life and head for New Zealand. This story is about adjusting, finding your place, and falling in love the right way.

About the actual story though, it was strange for me to read because it's written in diary format, and is a memoir of her time in New Zealand. Normally neither of those are a style of book that I enjoy. Then adding in that some of the things that happened to her while she was in New Zealand were absolutely horrific. She did have some absolutely lovely things happen, but you have to slog your way through the terrible things to get to them. Honestly when I got to the part about her ex's, I put the book down and walked away. But then I decided to pick it back up the next day and see what happened.

I'll just say, that like life, love and shopping, this book gets better as you go through it. She's very frank and seems to tell things exactly as they happened with no embellishment. It's this deadpan delivery that truly makes some of the things that happen to her seem all the more horrific. Really that's all the only word that I can come up with for those things. I can't even imagine how I would have handled them had I been in her place.

However, when she meets the love of her life, you instantly know it's him. Not because she blatantly says so immediately, but because he's the brightest spot in her life at that time.

Final Verdict: I highly recommend this book if your thinking of moving to New Zealand. It was definitely an eye opener into working conditions for expats there.

Bonus: Look how adorable the author is!

me with red hat

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New Zealand Look by fashionandhappythings featuring a kate spade belt