Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Sick Day Essentials

Or I've got the Flu

So today's post is going to be different. I have the flu, and was absolutely not up to getting all dressed up to take photos.So rather than skip it, I've decided to show you guys what at typical sick day looks like for me. I know I did a post on how to have a good sick day and I thought I'd show you it in practice, because I'm going to be sick for at least a couple weeks.


On my face: photoshop. I was too sick for makeup so my husband kindly edited out my skin issues as he always does. Someday I'll be brave enough to post a barefaced unedited phot, but not today.
My hair: that twist thing I do with my bangs when I decide I hate them.
What I'm wearing: Gilly Hicks Hoodie. Not pictured: H&M Striped Tank, Victoria's Secret Star Print Pajama Pants that were a gift from Miss Cannady last Christmas.

Before I get into my essentials I'd like to talk about how weird it is to have the flu in August. I keep forgetting that its not cold outside, and my brain keeps thinking I smell Fall. And that brain trick keeps making me want coffee and sweaters and boots even more. I also really want to watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and all my Halloween Movies.

Now on to my Essentials, these are the things that I must have in reach when I'm sick.


I have a book, currently I'm reading Cemetery Girl, I'm only a few pages in because I keep falling asleep which has more to do with my cough medicine and nothing to do with the book, but I like it so far. Full review next week. Cough Drops, I like the sugar free Halls ones, they work for me. Find ones that work for you and stock up, I currently have 3 bags in different flavors. I have the T.V. Remote, my iPhone and iPad. Entertainment that you don't have to focus on is super important. I get so bored laying on the couch, currently I'm killing it in the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, if I'm feeling up to it later, I might decide to replay Costume Quest on Xbox. Water, I have mine in this bright tumbler with fun colored straw that I got from my local Hallmark store, because right now my throat hurts so bad I don't want to drink anything. It's a lot easier to force myself to drink if the cup is cute. And finally Puffs Plus Lotion Tissues, because a nose in need, deserves Puffs indeed. Am I the only one that loves those Puffs commercials they air in the fall and winter? I only use the Plus Lotion, because when I'm sick I have to blow my nose a lot and I quickly get that raw soreness around my nose. Not Pictured, but also super helpful is my Liz Earle Superbalm. I adore this stuff when I'm sick and I will be reordering it when I run out. Also not pictured insane amounts of Hand Sanitizer. I love the bath and body works ones and keep a couple in the drawer in my side table.

My final essential:


Howl. A cuddly puppy that keeps bringing me his Speider (watch Megamind) to make me feel better. When I had a fever yesterday he spent most of the day sleeping with me on the couch. Today there's been lots of cuddles and puppy kisses. Also lots of stolen tissues. He sure loves to tear them up on the carpet.

Since I have the flu and will be sick for a while, what are your must haves when your sick? Also any App recommendations?