Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Best News I've Gotten All Week

Or Bank Account I'm Terribly Sorry

I can't even tell you how excited I am for what I'm about to say. I have been waiting years for this, ever since I discovered European countries had this option and we didn't here in the States, I've been waiting. I've signed petitions, I've emailed the company. And I've waited. But now that day is finally here and I'm so happy.

H&M now has online shopping in the U.S.  Seriously! You guys know how much I adore H&M. And since I had to drive to the store, I was finally starting to branch out to other stores again, like Gap and Gilly Hicks, so I wouldn't have to drive there. Since in case you guys haven't guessed by all the wilderness in my photos, I live in a town small enough that our park is bordered by woods. I went to a town a bit away to take my barbie photos. My H&M was about an hr or so away, and that's a lot of gas used to get there. But now that gas money can become shopping money and I'm so so so happy!

I put together an outfit that if I could I'd buy right now. It's so cute! I didn't include shoes or accessories because I just couldn't decide. There will probably be a whole post dedicated to them another day.


I love trench coats. I have one already so I don't need this one, but it doesn't stop me from wanting it. I kinda really love hats, and since my Fedora got ruined then I might need to get this Felt Hat to replace it for winter. This Cardigan is sort of my perfect dream cardigan. I love big slouchy long cozy sweaters to snuggle in for the winter. This Oversized tee is perfect and I love that I actually know what it says is (Translation Hello Darling, How's It Going?). And then these Slim Regular Jeans are absolutely perfect for me.

Then while I was looking I of course found some other things that I feel should come home with me.



Obviously I'm not going to be buying all of this right now, because that would be insanely expensive, but there will probably be an H&M haul coming within the next few weeks, because I am just far to excited about this! So excited in fact that I had a post already written for today and decided to save it for tomorrow so I could blog about this today.

I'd also be really grateful if everyone could go check out the H&M 50 States Of Fashion contest and vote for me, just search ManaSmith86