Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to Regularly Scheduled Posting?

I'm back, sort of. And much sooner than I thought I would be. I promised an explanation for my absence, and now that everything is going to be okay I think I can talk about it.

Howl had not been himself lately, we had thought it was due to an injury, from falling down the steps since he is such a little guy, or rough housing with our son. We took him to our local Veterinarian on Friday, and he gave him pain medicine. The medicine had him very groggy and dizzy and just not himself at all. We took him off of it after two days hoping he'd feel better on Sunday, but it turns out it wasn't an injury at all, instead it was that a mouse he had caught a week or so ago, had eaten rat poison and therefore poisoned Howl when he caught it. We don't keep rat poison in our house, and we don't have mice generally, but as you know every once in awhile one will get in your house, and well that's what had happened.

We took him to an all night emergency veterinary clinic late Sunday night when we realized something was desperately wrong due to the tiny bruise he had under his arm suddenly covering his entire stomach. As soon as they ruled out trauma and autoimmune as a cause, they began the treatment for Rat Poison, which is fluids and Vitamin K. They kept him overnight until Tuesday Morning. Then on Tuesday, we picked him up, transferred him to the Veterinarian that they recommended and she said he was well enough to go home. We have to bring him back on Thursday, but until then he is on wet food, Vitamin K and Antacids.

I didn't post during this time, other than my I'm sorry I'm gone post, because I was understandably an absolute mess. I couldn't function until I knew that he would be okay. Thankfully he's getting better, and behaving more like himself everyday. He's still tired a lot but he is healing and that's what matters most.

I can't promise that I'll be back to my regular schedule this week, but hopefully by next week we'll all be back on track. Now that I know he's going to be better, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on.

Below are pictures of Howl just home after the hospital, and a few days after the first time we brought him home. They were both taken on an iPhone, so I apologize for the quality.