Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spotlight: Becky Kinkead, Graphic Designer

So today I thought I do a little spotlight post on an up and coming Graphic Designer, Becky Kinkead. Becky is from Pennsylvania and does freelance Graphic Design. She's also really into Thrift Shopping, and loves keeping up with the latest trends. Bonus? She's super adorable and has crazy enviable hair:


I did a little mini interview with Becky and here it is!

First of all, what inspired you to get into graphic/web design?

Well, I've always been fairly artistic. In high school I took tons of photography classes and a basic graphic design class. Then, in college, I majored in digital media which is basically an overview of design, video, animation and programming. I had some great professors along the way and really just fell in love with the history of graphic design and wanted to learn everything about it. When I'm designing, it doesn't feel like work, I just love it!

How long have you been doing this for?

"In the real world", I've been an in house graphic designer for an e-commerce company for over a year and freelanceing for the past 2. In just the past few months I've fully committed myself to developing my freelance business by specializing in blog design.

How old are you?


Did you go to school for it, or are you self taught?

As I mentioned, I majored in digital media. The pros of this, is I learned a little bit of everything. The downside, I also felt a little under qualified compared to others I know who went to art schools had one focus. However, this motivated me to spend most of my free time learning more about web development and sophisticated design styles. That way I was a more rounded designer.

Any advice for anyone trying to break into web/graphic design?

Hustle! This is a saturated market. You need to get some real experience. I've learned so much working as in house designer for a small company. Like how to run a business, work with colleagues and clients, social media marketing, etc. I know it's tough out there. While I was applying to jobs I did what I called "self-commissioned" works for my portfolio to keep it growing. Like, one I did for Victoria's Secret! Obviously they never used the poster, but my current employer loved the colors and drawings and hired me!

Okay, so that's it for the business side of things, as a fashion blogger I couldn't resist asking Becky some fashion related questions.

Okay so this is a fashion site, so I must ask what is your favorite fashion item?

Blazers! They're perfect because they work whether your dressing up or down. They can be structured, slouchy, patterned, plain- just love 'em!

Do you have a favorite makeup or fashion brand?

Kiel James Patrick! His brand is all over social media. I love the bow tie bracelets. I go to Cape Cod in the summers and have a thing for the nautical/preppy look.

There's also a lot of great thrift shops in my area, so of course I'm all over that!

You're running late and have about 5 minutes to get dressed what do you wear?

As a designer, I get to dress casual most of the time. I'm going with a button down, tucked into jeans, flats & hmmm… a blazer!

Side note: I am also completely in love with Kiel James Patrick too, and will be featuring some of his items in a wishboard/get the look post.

You can find Becky on her Website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.