Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Costumes: I wanna be LeighannSays

I never really dress up for Halloween anymore. I mean I do still want to be Sailor Moon because my parents never let me as a child, but I'd only do that if I had a party to go to. I do remember when I was  a teen that many of my costumes came out of my own closet or a thrift shop. So when I decided to do a Halloween costume wishboard I decided to make it with that in mind.

Then as I was looking at PacSun for ideas, I saw holographic oxfords and immediately decided that if I were dressing up this year I would be Leighannsays for Halloween. Youtubers are the new CW stars. I look to them for fashion advice more so than anywhere else and I do have a few favorites. So I'm going to do a little mini series and make wishboards for youtubers I would be for Halloween. Then at the end of it I'm going to actually dress up and show you which Youtuber I decided to dress up as.

Today's Youtuber is Leighannsays:

PacSun LeighAnnSays Halloween

Because who doesn't adore her and her "I do what I want" attitude. Leighann is someone to be admired not because she's pretty, but because she's smart and fun and her life is a little bit messy and she shares that with us.

When making this wishboard I tried to think about what things I've actually seen her wear.  I know that she was big on the Holographic shoe trend and has some super cute oxfords that she's worn and since the oxfords are what gave me the idea I had to include them. Then there's this black skater skirt which is adorable and I could easily see Leighann wearing and I'm pretty sure she has something super similar to this cross top. I should have added in more jewelry because I know that Leighann has said in the past more is more, but I wanted to keep the wish board uncrowded. I loved this arrow ring and skull bangle for this look and since she almost always wears studs I went with these because I know she has a heart pair that's she's worn a few times. Check out some of her hair tutorials for your hair and either recreate her Dirty Princess Bun or her Big Texas Hair and maybe her Fall makeup tutorial and your look its complete.

You kinda might have noticed that everything is from Pacsun. Once I started I got on a role and everything just fell together. If you decide to purchase any of these items make sure you check out first for coupons.

If it is cold where you live then I recommend switching out the skirt for the Leigh Jeans from Topshop and wearing a fitted sweater with an animal on it. Preferably from Target's girls section if it'll fit you.

What youtuber would you dress up as?