Saturday, October 5, 2013

Highend Skincare Wishlist

I have to admit something to you guys. This is very hard for me to say, but I think I might be a little skincare obsessed. I know shocking right? I bet no one would have ever guessed it by reading my blog.

As any other skincare junkie might know, there is always a list of things to try. My list keeps getting longer and longer. Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do if I find that magic combination of products that clears up my skin. There's so many products out there to try. I currently have a wishlist of products that I need to tick off my to try list.

Skincare Wishlist


I'm going to be completely honest and say that I heard about most of these products from either Caroline Hirons, Elle Fowler or Fleur DeForce. I know that neither Elle or Fleur have my skin type but most of these products will work for acne prone and oily skin as well.

Some of those products, like the Chanel and Emma Hardie ones may stay on my to try list forever, because they seem a bit pricey for what they are. But others like the Alpha H Liquid Gold and the Aesop Cleansing Mask may find themselves in my skincare cupboard very soon.

I have so so many more products that I'm wishing after, but these are my most wanted ones. Do you have any skincare items that you've been just dying to try? Or ones that you've tried and think that I should give a whirl? Lemme know in the comments below!