Thursday, October 3, 2013

Real Books Again

Note: I know there should be a book review up, but yesterday was my birthday and I took the day off to spend with my family. Since Howl has been ill, I've been incredibly stressed and torn between trying to keep up with my blog and just spending time with my family trying to cope with a very sick puppy. Taking my birthday off was a much needed break, and I am feeling much better. This weeks Stylish Sunday's will be what I wore on my birthday, and then there will be a "What I got for my Birthday" up next week since I want to include what I got from my parents and I won't be seeing them until Sunday. Now on to today's actual post:


I've been buying more and more books lately. They're less expensive than makeup and clothing and give me just as much joy. I've bought 7 books total in less than 2 months. That's more books than I've bought in a long time. Really for a while the only books I was buying were ones recommended by Katie of ChapterStackss, and those were on my nook, mostly I was just reading library books on my nook, and getting the Free Friday books.

fashionandhappythings-0126I bought Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, which has been called the most misinterpreted book ever written. According to the Author, it's about Technology causing the death of literature as we know it. I adore Ray Bradbury, and could easily call him my all time favorite author. Since my copy of this book had long since fallen to pieces, I decided that I should repurchase it. Even though before his death Bradbury gave permission for his books to be sold in Ebook format, it just feels wrong to buy his work in anything other than physical media. I probably will buy them as ebooks, but only after I already own the actual book.

fashionandhappythings-0127I also picked up The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, this book has been making the rounds as being completely awesome for a while and I don't know why I hadn't bought it before. Since it's being made into a movie soon, I decided that I should probably read it, since I like to read the book before the movie.   I actually don't know much more about this book than what I've heard from Youtubers who've read the book, but I can say that with this book being as hyped up as it is, I will be reviewing in as soon as I finish it.

It might be a while before you see reviews on these books since I have library books and other books I've bought to read first. But I will forewarn you that anything written by Ray Bradbury will always receive a glowing review from me, and you should probably read the books and be the judge for yourself.