Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scariest Thing Tag

Today I've decided that since I haven't done one in ages I'm going to do the Scariest Thing Tag.


1. Scariest Real Life Experience?
A. I'd have to say it's when I first moved into my own apartment and my husband had gone to work, and at the time he went to work at 2am. I was alone with our baby and someone started rattling the door and trying to get in. He was very drunk and screaming to be let in. It turned out he was the last tenant in the apartment and was so drunk he'd forgotten he'd moved. In retrospect it's a simple mistake, but when you're living all on your own for the first time, it's down right terrifying.

2.Scariest Paranormal Experience?
A. I can't say that I've had one. I used to believe in ghosts, but at some point, from watching shows like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State I realized that I thought it was absurd.

3. Have You Ever Known Anyone Convicted Of A Violent Crime?
A. Yes, unfortunately. A person I went to school with killed someone in a car accident, and another person I went to school with is in jail for drugs.

4. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Why Or Why Not?
A. Yes, but it's actually not the dark I'm afraid of, I actually like the dark and night time. But I am bloody terrified of what might be in the dark that I can't see.

5. Does Your Home Town Have Any Scary Legends?
Yes, but if I tell it to you then you'll know where I live. But if you are looking for scary stories about places then I'd check out this article from priority one jets

6. What's Your Favorite Urban Legend?
I actually have a few. My favorite website is Snopes. I'd have to say that my favorite is either The Hook or The Boyfriends Death.

7. What Is Your Scariest Nightmare?My nightmares are usually really strange. I once had a bad dream that someone cut up my Hunter rainboots. Mostly my really terrible nightmares either involves someone being murder or someone being stalked to be murdered.