Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Cheeky Little Gilly Hicks Haul

I adore Gilly Hicks. I adore the back story that the company has, I adore their Koala mascot. But most of all I adore their Hoodies. They're so cozy and warm and absolutely perfect. I just want to spend all of my time in their Hoodies. So when they had a sale recently, I decided it was time for me to place a cheeky little order and I picked up two more hoodies.

First I picked out this Classic Full-Zip Hoodie in Green.fashionandhappythings-0637

It's just so snuggly and the fit is amazing.


Then I decided on this Classic Popover Hoodie in Navy.


This one is slightly thicker, and it's just as snuggly and cozy as the other one if not more so.


I also took advantage of their 5 for $26 sale on their Down Undies and picked up some really cute prints.


My favorites are the snowflake printed ones. Obviously because I bought them in all 3 colors. But the stripey ones are adorable too.

Please excuse the fact that my makeup looks a bit wrecked in these photos, they were taken at the end of a very long shooting day.  That also explains my Victoria's Secret star print pajama pants. Which reminds me the next time I place an order I simply must get some of the flannel pajama pants from Gilly Hicks. They just look so perfect for laying around the house in on Sundays or cozying up in after a very long day.

Seriously I just want to curl up in one of these hoodies with a pair of those flannel pants, a good book and some apple cider. What's your favorite thing to wear on a lazy day?