Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blogmas Day 11: Run Free

I'm not a runner, or even an exerciser by any means. I'm more of a put my headphones on and dance like an idiot in the kitchen when no one else is home kind of person.

But every year around this time I start thinking about working out or running. Which is stupid because it's cold outside and I'm not even into being outside, like at all, ever. But I do, and then I obsess over it, work out for a few weeks, just long enough to buy myself some new workout gear, catch a cold and then pretend my treadmill and running shoes don't exist until this time next year.

Running Gear

I'm probably going to keep up the dance around the kitchen, or hit my treadmill in the basement until it warms up, because even more than I don't do outside, I don't do outside in the cold. But once it warms up I usually take my puppy for a walk around the local track a few times a week.

But I still love workout gear and tend to wear it even when I'm just going to be laying around the house that day, and these are the things that I'm really interested in purchasing early next year. I've still got a Christmas Spending Ban going on.

  • I'm completely in love with this running jacket from The North Face. Ever since I got one from Gilly Hicks when it was on major sale, I've wanted another one. This one is cute, colorful and warm, very important for the spring.

  • This super simple tank from Nike is perfect, wear it under the jacket in spring, and on it's own in the summer. Bonus it's cute enough to wear as an everyday piece of clothing too.

  • I adore Victoria's Secret Bras and Sports Bras, I'd probably get a couple of their 2 for $50 ones, but this polka dotted Angel Sports Bra is really cute.

  • Early spring in Indiana is still cold. Sometimes it's still cold straight through March, so these Cozy Tights from Under Armour are not only adorable but practical too. I prefer tights when I work out, and even in the summer I prefer cropped tights to running shorts.

  • I mentioned over summer that I absolutely hate my current running shoes. I really like the look of these Under Armour shoes and my son absolutely loves his pair so I'll probably pick up these or something similar come spring time.

  • For my hair I tend to pull it back with an Emi-Jay hair tie, and since I'm growing out my bangs, I'd probably add a headband in. These in silver glitter are adorable.

  • And finally something that has been on my wishlist forever is the Jawbone Up in Mint Green. It's probably irrational that I want this, but it's really cute and I totally feel like it would push me to move more. Especially since it has the idle alerts feature. I'll get sucked into a book and discover that I haven't eaten or drank or even moved all day long. I think having a reminder to move would be perfect.

I am actually going to take Howl on a walk today, because he and I are both getting a bit stir crazy, but I don't know how long we'll stray away from the warmth of home since it's 0ÂșC right now. So cold.