Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blogmas Day 15: My favorite Ornaments

Each year we have a tradition that we started when he was about 4 where my son mails his letter to Santa and we pick up one of the Macy's Yes, Virginia There Is A Santa Claus ornaments. We also have a few other ornaments that are really special to me. I eventually hope to have my tree covered in ornaments that are all special in their own way.

The believe mailbox was the first one we bought. My son was excited because it looked just like the mailbox he used to send his Santa letter.


The next year he picked out Virginia and Ollie because they're the main characters and they didn't have Scraggly Santa.



In 2012 he picked out Santa Claus.


I love all the Christmas classics so the year we had our first Christmas tree together my husband surprised me with Rudolph and Frosty ornaments to mix into our boxed ornaments. He picked these because since we were just buying ornament packs we had a blue and silver theme and they matched.



The next year our son was a little older so we decided to do a more colorful tree and bought some colored ornaments, a pack of Grinch ornaments and then this one  was hanging all by itself. I adore the Grinch, it's my all time favorite Christmas book, cartoon and movie. Sometimes you can catch me reading it to my son all year round.


Last year around Christmas time I got very sick, so on one of his many trips to the store to get me Puffs plus lotion and NyQuil he spotted a set up of Disney ornaments and got me both Mickey and Minnie.


This year we'll be adding two more ornaments to our tree that we haven't yet got. An ornament from Moochie and Co, our favorite pet store, to commemorate Howl's first Christmas ever, and another Ornament from when our son mails his Santa letter at Macy's tomorrow. I'll put pictures of those up on Tuesday in a mini ornament Haul.

Do you have any ornaments that are filled with special memories?