Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blogmas Day 21: Last Minute Christmas Gifts

It's 3 days until Christmas which means some of you are officially panicking because you forgot, or just didn't know what to buy, or you find out someone is going to be at your Gift Exchange that you weren't aware of.

There are no links because you've no time to order online.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Gift cards are always a good last minute gift and can be picked up in the checkout lane in most Grocery stores. They carry them for all different places from Amazon to iTunes to Starbucks. The best bit is they're uni-sex

Candles are another great gift, slightly less uni-sex since they're generally considered a girly thing, but I do know some guys that them too. Jo Malone, which can be found at Nordstrom, has some lovely candles on the higher end side, and on the less expensive side Bath and Body Works make a great array of scents.

Cologne is a lovely gift Atelier, which can be found Sephora and in department stores like Neiman Marcus, have some truely beautiful scents, as does Jo Malone. For the men in your life Bvlgari has some amazing mens colognes, which can be found nearly anywhere.

Watches are a good and practical gift, Timex has great watches for both sexes, and Guess and Michael Kors also have some lovely watches and can be found at department stores and their namesake stores respectively.

The last always good option is a wallet or pouch, I adore Kate Spade's Wallets, particularly the Cherry Lane Stacy. And of course Jack Spade has some lovely wallets for men.

Of course all of these brands are just suggestions. Any Department store would have all of these things in several different brands and prices. I know they seem like common ideas, but even a common gift can be wonderful if it's good quality.

Have you finished your shopping or are you still shopping?