Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blogmas Day 24: Happy Christmas Eve


I recently read the above tweet and it got me thinking. As adults or soon to be adults this is something easily forgotten as we go about our lives. It's something many of us need to be reminded of as the Christmas Season and the stress that comes with it wears on us. It's the little things that make a place home. Home is where ever your happy memories are. My home is my favorite place in the world and there's no where I'd rather be. Home is where my favorite blanket is, waiting on my spot on the couch. I've been a bit of a Grinch lately as I focus on the mess the Christmas Clutter is creating in my house instead of focusing on the memories of home it's making for my son.

I've lived in quite a few places in my life, but they've all been home to me, and there are things I miss about each one. When I was little walking to school everyday with my dad. When I was older coming home from work at 3 am with my mom to find my dad waiting up for us, and being walking distance from my favorite aunt. The tiny apartment my husband and I were so excited about because it was ours, where our son took his first steps, and we had our first Christmas as a family. My last place where I came home and laid on the floor with O & T after a night out.  Where Miss Cannady told me she was getting married, and later asked me to do her makeup. Where we started the traditiosn of giving each other pajamas for Christmas. And here, where we live now, our son had his first day of school, and we brought Howl home too, and our new couch where I've stayed up way too late chatting with T, O and Miss Cannady. Where my husband and I just stayed up until we were delirious with exhaution wrapping presents for our friends and family. All of these things are pieces of home to me, that I will have no matter where I am.

Home is a wonderful place to be from, and as many of us are making the trek home today and tomorrow, if it's your parents home, or your grandmothers home, have a wonderful time and take a new piece of home back with you.

What are your favorite family Christmas traditions, or your favorite memories of home?