Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Since it's the day before Thanksgiving, I'm just posting to annouce that for the next few days, I'll be taking a break. I plan to spend these next few days rereading the Grimm's Fairy Tales, shopping and eating my weight in leftovers.


Isn't this just an absolutely gorgeous copy? My husband gave it to me a few years ago for my birthday. He got it from Barnes and Noble.

I promise I'll be back on Sunday, to kick off Blogmas which I am very excited about doing again this year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily Makeup Routine

I know that every time I have an outfit post I list my makeup. I also realize that what I'm wearing rarely changes, so I thought I'd show you what my typical daily makeup looks like.


I don't lay my makeup out like this when I go to put it on, I just wanted to make it look pretty for blog  purposes. And yes that is a GlossyBox lid.

Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl is one of my favorite highlighters, and it's absolutely perfect for daily use. Since I have a yellow undertone to my skin, I like that this is pink toned because I feel like it adds a bit of a warmth to the glow it gives.

This is probably one of my all time favorite concealers. Nars Radiant Creamy concealer is hands down the best concealer for dark circles I've ever used. It's okay for acne blemishes, but it's not as good as the Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer. I'm out of that one right now and since even though it's not the best, the Nars does work I'm not worrying about repurchasing the Tarte one right now.

My Foundation is most days is the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse, usually I prefer the Nars Sheer Glow or the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua, but lately I've been using the Rimmel Foundation on days where I'm not taking photos or filming. It's a really good slap it on and go product for me.

The Mascara pictured is the Rimmel Glam Retro something or other. I'm not positive because I don't use it anymore. I love how it looks, and that it's a breeze to apply, but it makes my eyes water like crazy. So right now I'm currently using the YSL Babydoll that I got a sample of and seems to be lasting for ages. When that runs out I'll be forced to decide which YSL Mascara to purchase since they're the only brand that I've tried where my eyes don't water like crazy.

My setting powder which I don't use with the Nars foundation is the Makeup Forever Professional HD Setting Powder. I love this powder with every other foundation I've tried it with, but I don't like what it does to the Nars foundation.

These are the Lancome Eyeshadows that I use on pretty much a daily bases. I have a NYX palette and a BH cosmetics 120 palette but I just don't love them as much as I do these. The Lorac Pro Palette is on my Christmas list though.

And the last thing in my daily makeup routine is my blush which is the Nars Deep Throat Blush. It's terrible but I only own one blush. I went through a big clearing out and use it up phase and somehow got to the point that for awhile I was actually out of blush. It was awful. I'm just so indecisive and rather than buy a few I ended up not buying any for the longest time. It was Maxwell that recommended this blush to me so of course I needed it instantly. I do plan on buying a blush palette soon, but I'm torn between Nars, Sleek and Inglot. I might go with two, but that just seems excessive to me.

There's no lip product pictured because that changes constantly. Or I'm just not wearing one. Mostly it's the latter, because I'm terribly forgetful.

If you wanna see me slap all this on then you can watch my Everyday Fall Makeup Routine below

What's your everyday makeup or do you switch it up everyday?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Because Your Favorite Shade Is Navy Blue

I woke up yesterday and realized that not only did I not have photos taken for this week, but I also didn't know what the hell to wear. Then I remembered this skirt that I wore forever ago, and had said when I bought it that I would wear it well into fall. Well here it is with only a month left of fall and I hadn't worn it once.


I'm wearing Blue Toggle Coat from Delia's, Old Navy Polka Dot Sweater, H&M Skater Skirt, Hue Navy Blue Tights, Not Rated Oxfords, and a Gold Pen Necklace.


I love this coat.

On my Face: Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, Nars Blush in Deep Throat, Benefit Leggy Eyeshadow, YSL Babydoll Mascara

Hair: Curled with the Conair YouCurl Infinity, Hairspray Aveda AirControl



Detail shots of Shoes and Necklace.

This outfit turned out better than I thought it would, considering I didn't know what to wear. I realized that I was wearing a lot of navy blue and ended up having If My Heart Was A House by Owl City stuck in my head all day long. I would have liked this outfit better if I had gone with my first plan of wearing a red sweater and white oxford, but I changed it last minute, because I didn't want to be wearing an oxford sweater combo 3 weeks in a row.  I also plan on buying different brogues very soon. These ones are getting worn out and I don't love them as much as I did when I first got them. I'm thinking of maybe these from Zara.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sweater Weather

I uploaded the Sweater Weather Tag to Youtube yesterday, and decided to share it with you here today.

Leave a comment below telling me what kind of videos you'd like to see in the future!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Few Necessities

I wasn't going to buy anything from Sephora's VIB sale. But then I ran out of concealer, makeup remover and moisturizer all in the same day. So I just bought the necessities. I'm really proud of myself for it too.

I picked up Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly fashionandhappythings-0719

Purity Made Simple by Philosophy


and Korres Greek Yogurt Lactic Acid Sleeping Facial gift set


I had a review that said I was on the fence about this, but I'm glad I bought this. Since I started using it daily my skin has been doing okay. It's been a little bit better, so this moisturizer isn't breaking me out. My face hasn't cleared all up either, but I'll take the same over worse any day.

I also won this Pixi Brillance Balm in Unique Pink from Pixi's Twitter.


I kinda really adore it, but I plan on doing a full review soon.

Have you picked up anything new lately?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perfect Kate Spade Gifts On A Budget

I know I posted several different gift guides last week. But I thought that from now until Christmas I would post a few more.

It's no secret that I am Kate Spade obsessed. The only issues is a lot of things from Kate Spade are expensive. It's a big part of the allure of the brand, but there are still a few absolutely lovely items that reasonably priced for the average person. Every item on this list is available for less than $100.

Kate Spade Under $100

Rain Check Umbrella I absolutely adore this umbrella, I love the little thought bubble.

Fall In Line Infinity Scarf This scarf is absolutely perfect. So snuggly and warm. It's worth every penny of the $78

Naughty and Nice iPhone 5/5s case How cute is this pink glittery case?

Line Journal this journal with the sentiment Eat Cake For Breakfast is a sweet reminder that life is short.

Live Colorfully Perfume This is an amazing scent, with a gorgeous bottle.

Book Locket Pendant Necklace For the bibliophile in your life, this is an absolute darling gift.

Cold Hands Warm Heart Thermal Mug I love, love, love this mug. It's cute and perfect for the winter

Cobblestone Park Stacy Wallet This is such a pretty and sweet wallet, but remember to slip a dollar inside, because it's bad luck to give an empty purse or wallet.

Small Square Stud Earrings I have these earrings in silver and clear and I love them. They come in so so so many colors.

Supercalifradilipstick I think this lipstick is absolutely gorgeous, and with the reminder to pucker up on the package, you're sure to get a sweet kiss for this one.

Live Colorfully Nail Polish For a nail polish junkie like me, this little set is absolutely amazing. It's definitely tops on my wishlist.

Scallop Ring This ring is absolutely adorable, I love the little scallops.

Keds Glitter Lace Up I'm so in love with these shoes. They're darling and absolutely perfect for every day running around.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kate Spade Under $100

Angel Hair

A while ago I posted this haul where I showed a bunch of things I picked up from Victoria's Secret. Today I'll be posting a review on the Shampoo and Conditioner that I picked up.


This stuff is amazing. I absolutely adore it. First it's a great deal, $12 ea or $24 for 3. Second it smells amazing. I can't really place where the smell is from, but both I and my husband like it. Well he likes it on me, it's too girly smelling for him to use. Bonus the smell stays in my hair after it dries. Seriously that never happens with me. Usually it just washes away and that's it.
Lastly it makes my hair look amazing:




That first picture I swear my hair is just air dried. My dad also has those big Victoria's Secret curls when he leaves his hair to air dry. Yes I said my Dad, his hair is also longer than mine. Way longer.

The other two photo's are second day hair with a bit of the Victoria's Secret Dry Shampoo brushed through. For some reason this always makes my hair so much straighter and I'm always a little sad because I miss the curls from the day before. I kinda want to try the Soft & Tousled Wave Enhancing Spray to see if that helps. The last photo is a bit frizzy because of wind. I remember we had a terrible time with it being windy that day.

You can find the original posts, for details about the outfits and makeup, here: 1,2,3

I really recommend Victoria's Secret line of hair care. I'm actually surprised at how much I adore Victoria's Secret's beauty products. So far they're my favorite I've ever used, and I've used Ojon, Ouidad, Paul Mitchell, and various BedHead shampoo's and conditioners in just this past year.

Have you tried this line? What do you think? Any products I simply must try?


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stylish Sundays: On Repeat

Remember last week when I said I had a uniform of sorts that I felt extremely happy and comfortable in? I'm kinda repeating it today. And I want to repeat it over and over, I just adore it.


I'm wearing a Madewell Boyfriend Shirt, Gap Mesh Sleeve Sweater, Victoria's Secret Most Love Yoga Leggings, and Pink and Pepper Riding boots. My Earrings are Kate Spade and my Necklace is from H&M.


This is my favorite photo of the entire set.

On My Face: Nars Sheer Glow, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Nars Blush, Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows, Benefit Watts Up, YSl Babydoll Mascara, Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm.

Nails: Lancome Vernis In Love

Hair just washed and air dried.

The Lancome Polishes are some of my absolute favorite polishes. I have 3 of them and can promise that you should be looking forward to a review coming soon.



Normally I'd be upset when my shoes started to get scuffed but I'm actually loving the way these are aging.

I hadn't realized how long this shirt was before, so I'm actually really happy with it. I know it looks a bit short in this pictures but that's just the way I'm twisted.

It's starting to get really cold outside, so I'll be taking most of my outfit photos inside now. Hope you like this door and it's little glad air freshener that somehow got randomly hung there. Seriously I don't even know how that happened. I'll probably do photos in front of the tree after I put it up.





Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids, Girls Edition 2013

I'm so excited for this post, it's my Gift Guide for Girls. I'm a girly girl, I just adore princesses and sparkles and pink. I'm aware that for some little girls that just isn't their thing. I do have a few items that aren't princessy, and if you need more options for little kids then check out my Gift Guide for Boys. I don't have a little girl, but I do have the most precious nieces N. N. and A. so I just focused on what I know they would like.

Gift Guide For Girls

♥As I've mentioned many times before, Pajama's are a traditional Christmas Eve gift in my family, and these Minnie Mouse ones are just too cute!

♥Movies are always a good gift. I picked The Little Mermaid because it was just released from the Disney Vault in October, and I know that I would like to have it myself. Plus Mermaids, Adventure and Magic are always a big hit for kids.

♥This pretty pink tea set is a perfect gift for a little girl. Even if she's aged out of having Tea Parties (although Taylor Swift still has them, so I say we all can) they'd make a lovely decoration.

♥For your more girly girl I suggest anything Barbie, like this Barbie and Unicorn set, but if she's a bit less princessy then Monster High has you covered there. I'm kinda fond of Frankie.

♥I'm a big fan of encouraging imagination and this Illustory kit is perfect. They get to illustrate and write their own books.

♥Speaking of books, I'm sure that you all know that I think Ramona Quimby is the absolute perfect role model for little girls. My husband bought me this set for Christmas a few years ago. Ramona gets into all sorts of adventure and all sorts of trouble. Another book series I adore that has a perfect role model is Madeline. Both would be perfect for the most princessy little girl, and even better for the little girl you know that always seems to be in trouble.

♥Board Games are a classic gift, and this Doc McStuffins game is a perfect update to the classic game Operation. I also think Doc McStuffins is a great role model for little kids, girls especially.

♥You all know that Emi-Jay Hair Ties are my all time favorite. This Christmas Oval Tin is absolutely perfect and I kinda really want it for myself.

♥For a video game I chose Just Dance Disney edition, which I'll admit I kinda really want for myself. I've been meaning to buy one of the Just Dance games to add into my exercise routine (any exercise is better than none).

♥Last of all I picked this adorable outfit from Gymboree. I love the little boots and the Red Jacket and how adorable is that Reindeer top? It's just all so precious.

I'm so in love with all of these things, but I will say that The Little Mermaid and the Emi-Jay Hair Ties are on my own wishlist. Which you'll see for your own eyes very soon when I do my wishlist post.  Is there anything you think I've missed? What are you getting the little girls in your life?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gift Guide for Kids, Boy Edition 2013

I decided that instead of doing a children's gift guide with both genders combined, I'd do gender specific ones. I'm starting off with the boys list, because it's easier for me since I have a 7 year old boy. I've been hearing for months all the things that he wants.

Gift Guide for Boys

  • Every year in my family we give each other pajamas to sleep in Christmas Eve night. My favorites are the pajama's from Disney and these with Olaf from Frozen on them are adorable.

  • Legos are kinda a classic gift, and my son has gotten some variation of them every year.

  • Last year he got the movie The Legends of the Guardians, which I totally recommend. I've just discovered that movie is based off a book series and I am really excited about it and will definitely be getting The Guardians Box Set and The Sandman books for my son. How perfect are these for Christmas?

  • Board games are perfect and I highly recommend Apples to Apples and Hedbanz. Perfect for some family time after presents on Christmas morning, or to keep a group of kids entertained after dinner on Christmas Eve.

  • The hit movies of the year are always good, Monsters University looks adorable and perfect for a little boy.

  • My son loves Skylanders, it's his absolute favorite video game. Skylanders Swap Force is the newest version out and I know it will be on the top of his list.

  • Most little boys love dinosaurs. A few year ago I got my son a science kit and the only thing that he really liked and used out of it was the Dinosaur Dig kit. There are a bunch of different version but the Tyrannosaurus is classic.

  • For the little artist this My Comic Book Kit is perfect.

  • My son love Beyblades, and they were really popular with his friends. This Beyblade Samurai Cyclone set is perfect.

  • Someone gave my son a Dream Lite Dinosaur Pillow Pet for Christmas last year and he loves it. We've had to replace the batteries in it twice, he uses it every night.

I'm really excited about Christmas  this year, and I think my son definitely is too.  I don't know a little boy that wouldn't at least love one of the things on this list.

I know I've said that this gift guide is aimed a little boys, and I am doing a girls edition tomorrow. However, there are plenty of little girls who would also be thrilled with things off of this list.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Him 2013

Instead of doing a book review today, I'm doing my second Gift Guide post. I always get my husband to help me with the gift guide for him post. It's probably one of my favorite posts to write, because I get great ideas to share with you, and some ideas to use when shopping for my husband.

Gift Guide For Him

  • Kiehls Ultimate Man Refueling Set. This is perfect because most guys don't think to buy themselves high end skincare. They tend to grab whatever is at the drugstore and be on their way. They may not be so thrilled with this gift at first, but once they try out the products they'll be singing a different tune.

  • Cologne is always good, especially if it's your boyfriend or husband. My husband is a fan of Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb, but what's really important is that you like they way it smells too, so shop around and make sure to clear your head with those coffee beans.

  • Or if he already uses higher end skincare then you might want to try something like The Art Of Shaving's kits. Using a higher end shaving cream really does make a difference.

  • If the guy in your life is big on exercising, or just prefers a sporty look then a sport watch like this Nike+ Sport with GPS would be absolutely perfect.

  • For the guy that's just turned 21 or is an alcohol connoisseur then these Villeroy &Boch Scotch Tumblers are perfect. If they already have drinkwear then try something like these Whiskey Stones which are perfect because they cool your drinks without watering them down.

  • Everyone is obsessed with their iPhones these days it seems, and this Olloclip is a really cool accessory that allows you to take better pictures with your phone. For the tech guy or photography buff in your life this gift is absolutely perfect.

  • Something that's entirely practical is a scarf. I love to give scarves usually ones that I've knit myself, and my husband likes them because for a while after I've made them they smell like me. If you're not a knitter try picking up this Gap Buffalo Checkered Scarf and then give it a spray of your favorite perfume. Let it air out for a while before you wrap it so it will smell very faintly of you every time he uses it.

  • Because we all know that some boys just never grow up, a remote control Helicopter is the perfect toy for the adult boy in your life. With a usb charger, gyroscope, LED light and metal  body this Phantom Gyro Helicopter is wicked cool.

  • Of course I'm going to recommend a Sweater, personally I think this Heritage Irish Fisherman's Crew Neck Sweater is perfect. But really you can get great sweaters at a multitude of places.

  • Finally my husband said that a good quality wallet is always a good gift. He personally picked this Jack Spade Mill Leather Bill Holder, because he said it looks well made and still relatively slim.

Once again these are just suggestions and hopefully they make your shopping this season just a bit easier and more seemless.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2013

I mentioned in my Stylish Sunday's Post that I would be doing my Christmas Gift Guides early this year. With Black Friday fast approaching I decided that it would be more convenient for my readers if I put them up now. So the next 4 posts will be the Gift Guides.

I'm kicking off with my Gift Guide for Her:

Gift Guide for Her

♥ This Gift set from Kiehls is perfect. It's their Greatest Hits set, but if you don't think this one will work, the I recommend checking out their Gifts for Her section.

♥ I personally have this Lorac Pro Palette on my Christmas Wishlist this year. All the colors are beautiful and this palette has been getting rave reviews.

Fresh's Sugar Stars gift set is a great collection gift, but if she's not a lip product junkie, Sephora has some other amazing options for you to check out. I'll probably do a post closer to Christmas on some of their Gift Sets.

♥ If your at a complete loss, a candle is a good way to go. I adore the way Yankee Candle's Celebrate Christmas Candle smells.

♥ Glitter, Kate Spade, Shoes. What more could a girl ask for? Personally I am dying to own these Keds x Kate Spade collab shoes and they are at the top of my wishlist. They're so fun and glitzy and practical at the same time.

♥ Pajamas are always a great gift. I'm certain you're all well aware of my love for Victoria's Secret Pajama's by now. They're so cozy and they wash really well.

♥ Jewelry is a classic gift that's pretty hard to go wrong with. Since Rose Gold is still a really hot trend, I thought this Make Me Blush Pave Idiom Pendant from Kate Spade was perfect.

♥ This Cozy Plaid Scarf from Gap would make a lovely gift, especially if you live in a cold snowy area. Bonus it feels way more luxe than it costs.

♥ Perfume, another timeless gift. But give it an update by picking somethink modern like Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb rather than the much purchased Chanel N° 5. If you want to be extra fancy this Limited Edition version of the bottle, pictured above is just stunning.

♥ For the Bibliophiles like myself, books are always the perfect gift. I recommend Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham.

Anyone of these gifts would be perfect all on their own, but you can also combine them in numerous ways. For the girl that adores Kate Spade pick up the necklace and the shoes. The Pajama's, Candle and Book are certain to make for a lovely night in. And the Scarf, Kiehls Gift Set, and Lip Balms are perfect for the girl that loves to be out in the snow. Or you can pick up the Eye Palette and Perfume for the Princessy woman in your life. The combinations are endless, and combining things to give your gifts a theme says you put in so much effort, but really it takes only a little fore thought before you head out shopping.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Gift Guide for Him. Leave in the comments below what you want for Christmas ladies.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Happiness is Cable Knit

I don't think you guys know this, but I have exactly one outfit in my closet that I feel 100% myself and completely comfortable in. And no it's not yoga leggings, though I do love those too. This is the outfit that I was wearing under my coat in my Bitter River book review.


Cable Knit Sweater (similar) American Eagle Western Denim Shirt, Gap Legging Jeans, Victoria Secret Tote, and Bear Paw Boots.

I plan on buying so many more sweaters and oxfords/flannels as soon as I'm off my spending ban. It's not a complete ban, I'll still be replacing things I run out of, but until Christmas I'm mostly buying presents. I just feel like myself in this outfit. So you'll probably be seeing some version of this again.


The preppy girls uniform, and I adore it. I would have worn my white gap oxford, but it needs to be cleaned. The tote bag is my library bag, and it was last years V.S. Black Friday Tote.


Normally I don't wear these boots out in public. I don't have anything against those who do, I just normally don't. It's why I don't own Uggs. However those bow back bailey boots from Uggs are kinda making me rethink my position on them, because they're adorable.


On My Face: Rimmel London's Stay Matte Liquid Mousse foundation. I absolutely am adoring it, Nars Deep Throat Blush, YSL Babydoll Mascara, Lancome Metallic Taupe, Benefit Watts Up, and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

My Jewelry:Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings (renamed the small square studs) and a Key necklace that was a gift.

My Hair: Simple Ponytail using an Emi-jay hair tie


Close up of the necklace.


There are no pictures of Howl today. I was running late getting to the library and just had these photos take really quickly before I left.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Nars Sheer Glow Review

For a while I was torn about what foundation to buy, but I finally chose and as you can tell I went with the Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia fashionandhappythings-0397

I ultimately decided to go with this because I liked the way it looked on my skin better, and that it matched my face better than the Lancome Tient Vissionaire. SO basically it was because Maxwell was right. Of course he was right, he's always right.


I have incredibly oily skin, that even the most mattifying foundation has trouble keeping in line. So I usually tend to go for a Dewy finish foundation. I know most oily girls stay away from Dewy or Glowy foundations but hear me out, since my face gets oily anyway, if I use a matte foundation then when my foundation inevitably succumbs to the oil on my skin and goes patchy or shiny then it's extremely noticeable and looks really odd. But if I'm already wearing a Dewy foundation, then my skin just looks more Dewy rather than patchy and oily.


Plus I like the Dewy finish. It makes my very pale skin look healthy and that's something I need. Because pale skin that doesn't look glowing and healthy looks sickly and scary. So even when I use a mattifying foundation I find myself using a lot of highlight to add some glow back into my face.

Personally I don't have any issues with the staying power of this foundation. It last for about 5 hours on my skin with no powder, and almost double that if I use powder in the morning and touch up about halfway through.

However I feel like the Makeup Forever HD powder doesn't work well with this foundation and gives my skin a sort of funny finish so if you have any recommendations let me know.

*That photo is from this post, I am wearing a Loft Sweater, Infinity Scarf I knit myself, Madewell Sunglasses. On my Face: Nars Sheer Glow, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Makeup Forever Setting Powder, Benefit Benetint, Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows, Benefit They're Real Mascara and Benefit Watts Up

Bonus Note: I took the product photos you see here! I'm so proud of how they turned out. After my photographer Husband edited them of course.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Review: Bitter River


This weeks book is Bitter River by Julia Keller. This book is about Bell Elkins and is the second in a series, but it's thankfully one of those series where each book can stand on it's own, and honestly I didn't realize it was in a series until I was over halfway through the book and they mentioned something that seemed like they wouldn't have said it unless it was in another book.

This book begins with the body of 16 year old Lucinda Trimble being found in her car in Bitter River. What starts out looking like an accident turns out to be murder and it's up to Bell Elkins and Nick Fogelsong to find out who killed this young girl. But then a friend from Bell's past shows up and terrible things start happening to her town. Is it her friends fault that these horrible things are happening in the small town of Acker's Gap, or is it all just one big coincidence?

I absolutely adored this book. Honestly, I picked it up because of the cover. I walked past it twice, but it the cover kept catching my eye and I just had to pick it up and I'm so glad I did. I loved Bell, I loved the story and I adored the way it's written. I'm definitely going to be picking up the first book A Killing In The Hills because I really ended up attached to the people in the town and I want to know more about them.

Final Verdict: if you like mystery novels and thrillers, then I fully recommend this book. Bitter River was absolutely one of my favorite books I've read this season.


I decided to base my outfit off the cover of this book. I don't have a red coat, but I've been wanting one ever since I saw the one on the cover. So instead I wore:


Navy Blue Toggle Coat from Delias, Gap Legging Jeans, Hunter Huntress Boots in Green. My earrings are Kate Spade and my Hair tie is from Emi-Jay

This sunday's outfit post will be what I was wearing underneath the coat.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gift Guide for Boys

Influenster Rose Vox Box

I recently received the Rose Vox Box from Influenster and I decided to share with you guys what I got.

I'll start with the bonus item first. Which is the Vitabath Asian Orchid and Coconut Hydrating Lotion


It smells amazing, but seems a bit out of place because the Coconut makes me think of summer. I do love it though.

Everything else on the other hand was really nice and absolutely spot on.

There was the Rimmel Scandal Eye Retro Glam Mascara which is very nice. It has a dry formula and gave me an effect similar to the YSl Shocking but not quite as big.


Next in the box was these Dr. Scholls for her cozy cushions insoles which I plan on putting in either my Wine colored Old Navy shoes or in one of my pairs of Hunter Rainboots. These feel insanely soft and I can't wait to use them.


The last beauty product and my absolute favorite thing in the box were the Kiss Gradation polishes. They're just so pretty, I got them in the color Film Noir but I noticed a gold version of these polishes in the little add in the box and I really want to pick that one up too. I love the Glitter, it's just so stunning.


Then there was food included in the box:

Some Blueberry Belvita cookies which are absolutely delicious


and finally a Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle. These are some of my favorite chocolates and I'm so excited about this one.


I think these vox boxes just keep getting better, and this has been my favorite one yet. Thank you so much Influenster for providing these items for me to try out. What item would you most like to see a review on?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Cheeky Little Gilly Hicks Haul

I adore Gilly Hicks. I adore the back story that the company has, I adore their Koala mascot. But most of all I adore their Hoodies. They're so cozy and warm and absolutely perfect. I just want to spend all of my time in their Hoodies. So when they had a sale recently, I decided it was time for me to place a cheeky little order and I picked up two more hoodies.

First I picked out this Classic Full-Zip Hoodie in Green.fashionandhappythings-0637

It's just so snuggly and the fit is amazing.


Then I decided on this Classic Popover Hoodie in Navy.


This one is slightly thicker, and it's just as snuggly and cozy as the other one if not more so.


I also took advantage of their 5 for $26 sale on their Down Undies and picked up some really cute prints.


My favorites are the snowflake printed ones. Obviously because I bought them in all 3 colors. But the stripey ones are adorable too.

Please excuse the fact that my makeup looks a bit wrecked in these photos, they were taken at the end of a very long shooting day.  That also explains my Victoria's Secret star print pajama pants. Which reminds me the next time I place an order I simply must get some of the flannel pajama pants from Gilly Hicks. They just look so perfect for laying around the house in on Sundays or cozying up in after a very long day.

Seriously I just want to curl up in one of these hoodies with a pair of those flannel pants, a good book and some apple cider. What's your favorite thing to wear on a lazy day?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Hello November

November is here, and I'm excited for it. I'm excited for walking Howl in the crisp air, with the scent of fallen leaves and woodsmoke filling the air. I'm excited for lazy days curled up on the couch in snugg hoodies and pajama bottoms reading spooky books. I'm excited for boots and tights and sweaters.

This outfit screams November to me.


I'm wearing a white and navy striped zip back top from H&M, a black and white tweed skirt from The Limited, Sequin Scarf from the now defunct, Pea Coat from Aeropostale, Black Tights from Hue, and Wine boots from Old Navy.


On My Face: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Light Ivory, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, Nars Blush in Deep Throat, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder, Lancome Color Design Shadows in Off The Rack, Delicate Lace, Smouldering Cocoa,  and Metallic Taupe, Bath and Body Works Pomme Cider Lipgloss,  Rimmel Scandel Eyes Glam Retro Mascara in Black.


I love the pop of color that these boots give this outfit. They're probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes right now. And as long as I'm not walking in snow I see them getting a lot of use until spring.


Howl was very serious about wanting to eat all of the leaves. He said they're for snack time.

It's only the beginning of the month, but I think this might be my favorite thing I've worn in a long time. What's your favorite, or go to, Fall outfit?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shop A Cut Above: Wishlist

A Cut Above Boutique has been on my radar for a while but I've never really made a full on wishlist until now. I had liked them on Facebook ages ago and on Halloween they posted a picture of a dress. But what had me interested was they said the model was 5'5 and she was a size small. In case you didn't know that's actually realistic. And since the world needs more healthy models, I decided I should promote a company that's using one.

So I was looking on the site for the dress to post about and I found a few things that will be sneaking into my closet as soon as I'm not so skint.

A Cut Above


The first dress is the one that they posted on their facbook. Isn't it gorgeous? Bonus it's a reasonable length if you're a shorter girl. Next I saw this Fraternity Collection shirt, and I think it's just darling, even though I'm not in College. I had a shirt similar to this Caribbean Way Blouse before and it was one of my favorites until I ruined it in the dryer, I'm pretty sure I'd wear this one in Hunter Green to bits. This Go with the flow skirt is perfect. I love skater style or circle skirts.
Starting the second row is this Falling Together Scarf, and not only is it beautiful, the name makes it extra perfect for fall. Of course these Sarah Riding boots and Outlaw boots made my wishlist. I'm boot obsessed, pretty sure boots are my favorite style of shoe. And finally this Aztec Cardigan is just adorable and so cozy looking. It just screams curl up by a fire with some apple cider and a cute boy/good book (the two are not mutually exclusive.).

I can't tell you how excited I am about A Cut Above Boutique, and I hope you'll all go check them out. Leave the names of your favorite items in the comments below so I can see if I missed anything cute!