Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tea, Books, and a little Chatter

This is a post to say there will be no Stylish Sundays post tomorrow. It basically boils down to I'm too sick for real clothing, and I don't want to put up another post of me in pajamas or lounge wear. Really there's already too much of that on the internet already, and there will be more in the future, just not today.


So instead this is how my evening is shaping up, I have my ForLife Teapot filled with Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea, my favorite Anthropologie tea cup, and the last book in the Laura Childs Scrapbooking series, and the first in her Tea Shop Mystery series. Add in the puffs plus lotion tissues, Don't Trust The B In Apt 23 on Netflix, and my favorite blanket and it's shaping up to be a nice evening. And I'm hoping to eat proper food for dinner tonight because I haven't been able to have anything other than toast since the day before yesterday.

So far I've really adored the Laura Childs Scrapbooking Mystery series. They've all been really fun quick reads. I love the characters and that it's set in the Big Easy. It's a great combo of this can't possibly be real life and completely plausible. They're the perfect quick easy read for when you're sick.

How's you weekend shaping up? And what are your favorite things to read when you're sick?