Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Coziest Soup

Between the flu, colds and sinus infections, I've been nothing but ill all winter long. I'd been complaining to my husband that I wanted to find a really good Chicken Soup, because of how often I'm sick. He suggested that I try my hand at making my own, and while we were at the store this weekend I picked up the ingredients to do just that.

I wasn't expecting to make it so soon, but I woke up with a fever yesterday morning, that while still leaving me feeling off, thankfully broke before the afternoon. So I decided to go ahead and throw together the soup. For my first attempt it turned out beautifully and I'm really quite chuffed about it.


I didn't actually use a receipt for it. I didn't think I'd need one really. I know the basic ingredients of Chicken soup, and I know what goes well with those so I put a bit of a spin on it, but not much. It'll probably come to as a surprise to many people, but I actually do cook really well, I just don't most of the time. So here's my receipt for my cozy and hearty chicken noodle soup.

  • 5 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

  • 1 cup chopped Celery

  • 1 cup chopped Carots

  • 1 cup diced Onions

  • 1 cup diced Peppers

  • 2 cartons Swansons Chicken Broth

  • Tri-Color Rotini

  • Cilantro

  • Garlic Powder

  • McCormick Perfect Chicken Seasoning

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Butter

First I sprinkled the McCormick Perfect Chicken Seasoning, Salt and Pepper on the Chicken Breasts and cooked them for 10 minutes on my George Forman Grill, if you don't have one then you can just cook them in a skillet until done.

Next I put the chopped Celery, the diced Onion and the butter in the soup pot to saute. While I waited for that to get done I put water on medium heat to boil for the Rotini and chopped up the chicken.

Once the onions and celery were done I poured in both cartons of broth and put in all the vegetables and the chicken. Then I seasoned it to tasted with the Cilantro, Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper and a bit of the McCormick Perfect Chicken Seasoning.  I cooked the soup for about 30 minutes

When the water for the noodles was finally boiling I put the whole box of noodles in and cooked for 9 minutes. After they were drained and rinsed, I put a scoop in my bowl, ladled the soup on top, mixed it in and finished it off with a bit more pepper.

The bowl I've had for years and don't know where it's from anymore. The mug is from Starbucks and the tea you see in the background is one of my Favorite Teas from Teavana.  I will have a Teavana Haul up a bit later this week. Along with my For Him: Valentines Day post. Don't to forget to subscribe  on bloglovin or you might miss them.