Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Workout Catch-22

So I've made it no secret that I fail hard at working out. I bring it up, show you workout clothes I want to buy, and then don't bring it up again for months. Plus I'm certain it's clear from my photos I haven't lost any weight (okay I have, 5 lbs but that from the flu so it doesn't count). So obviously I'm not working out and just not talking about it.

You may remember these pictures from early summer.

This one was planned and posed: Taken before I took Howl on a walk around the track



This is an accurate portrayal of how I use my workout gear:fashionandhappythings-9347

There's actually a Catch-22 behind this wanting to work out, but not actually doing it. I should be working out, for the very reason that most of the time, I can't work out. And there's actually two of them.

The biggest reason is also why I'm sick so often. I have Asthma, which by itself isn't that bad, as my sister, who's lived with it her whole life can tell you. But my asthma attacks were being misdiagnosed as bronchitis, which is treated two ways with an inhaler and antibiotics. Since it was Asthma the antibiotics were unnecessary, I was only damaging my immune system by taking them. So now I've been properly diagnosed, but I have a low immune system and without medication, trouble breathing.

So I should be working out to build up my lung capacity and my immune system, but I can't because I almost constantly have a cold or allergies, and I can't breath during the seasons allergies aren't a problem because of heat or cold.

The second catch-22 is I have a bad knee. I did busted it while skateboarding. When I went to the hospital, they said I just bruised my kneecap. Years later during x-rays for another injury, the doctor mentioned I had an awkwardly healed hairline fracture, and offered surgery to repair it. When I said no, he recommend exercise, and said that my knee will probably bother me the rest of my life, and I have a higher risk of arthritis in that knee. If I walk to far, run to fast or if it's going to rain, my knee hurts.

As I mentioned above, I'm not completely in active, I do have a dog who needs to be taken on long walks for his health. We can't go as often as I'd like too, but that's where my husband comes in.

So even though it's the new year, and I don't do resolutions, my goal for this year is to move more. What are your goals for this year?