Friday, February 28, 2014

Home Things

I have a slight obsession with Target for Home things. It's probably a really good thing that I live an hour away from my closest Target. I posted this picture on Instagram about 3 weeks ago:

Target shot

There's a pretty random assortment of house things in the cart, like the method cleaner/detergent, some hangers, placemats, a new broom and some pot holders, but none of that stuff is super exciting. However there is a sneak peek into what this post is about.

First I was super excited to find some Valentines Day socks, because I don't know if you know Target socks are my favorite, and the Valentines ones are my very favorite.

fashionandhappythings-1293 fashionandhappythings-1294 fashionandhappythings-1295 fashionandhappythings-1296

The best thing is that they're are two pairs in each pack, making it super easy for my not matching socks to be the same length as seen here:

[caption id="attachment_2246" align="alignnone" width="625"]fashionandhappythings-1438 These happen to be my favorites[/caption]

Then I found the mugs that I've been seeing around youtube and I only got four of them, but there are 6 designs.


I was confused as to why this tea cup is telling me he loves me a latte, but he's pink and adorable so I bought him.


Then again this Latte is telling the same Teacup that he's "my cup of tea" which I only drink tea out of this mug (is that weird?)


I like am a bit doughnut obsessed (they're my favorite food.) So This one had to come home with me.


And finally my favorite of the bunch is this one:


because on the back it says:


Which is something Howl would totally say if he could talk, and yes I really am that obsessed with my dog, that I bought both dog socks and a dog mug.

Of course you're wondering why I bought all these mugs. Especially since I had my two favorite anthro mugs, and my heart mug and my Jack Skellington Mug. That's because my wonderful husband bought us this:


Yep! We finally got a Keurig. His name is Samwise, and I'm obsessed. Especially with the Snapple Peach Iced Tea or the Starbucks Vanilla flavor. But I really want to try the Chocolate Glazed Donut flavor and the Hazelnut Iced Coffee flavor.

Have you bought anything for your house lately? Where's your favorite place to buy home things?