Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Binge

Generally I don't buy books very often. I'll buy 3 in one month and then I won't buy any for 5 months after that. I usually just go to the Library and grab whatever catches my eye, but recently I went on a bit of a book buying binge and bought 6 books in one week.


An Abundance Of Katherines - John Greenfashionandhappythings-1278

Paper Towns - John Greenfashionandhappythings-1292

Looking For Alaska - John Greenfashionandhappythings-1288

Dark Places - Gillian Flynnfashionandhappythings-1282

Into The Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynesfashionandhappythings-1280

I bought all of those from Target and Amazon in day and then a few days later went into Barnes and Noble and picked up Unwind - Neil Shushtermanfashionandhappythings-1372