Saturday, May 17, 2014

What I got for Mother's Day

I love presents.

How selfish of me right? But I do. I love presents for  holidays, I love presents for anniversaries, I love presents for no reason. I just really love presents. Maybe it's because my husband and son get me the best presents ever.

A while ago, I was shopping in Sephora and I had my son with me. I must have swatched a million products and said I was in love with everything. But there was one product I really wanted and couldn't justify. My son, who was only 7 years old at the time, pulled aside an employee and asked her to write down the name.

He got me the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in Luminous Flush. I'm obsessed with the one he picked out. It has more of the pink color than the highlighter in it, which is perfect since I want to use it as a daily blush.

I may have mentioned that I always make a list for my husband. It's a very detailed list with color, sizes links and any coupon codes. At the top of my list this year was workout gear. But he got me Keds instead.

Specifically the Coral Gingham Keds that I once saw Taylor Swift wearing and randomly said that I really loved those shoes.

And I'm so in love with them. Even more so that he paid attention to me and remembered that I really wanted those particular ones. Since my ankle is messed up I can't wear them yet, but I can't wait until I can! I plan on doing a wishboard on how I plan on styling them very soon.

I know I mentioned I would post a what I wore for mother's day. However the photos didn't turn out. We got some good ones of me and my son (which I'm not posting for his privacy) and a really great one of Howl.

It's definitely a win.